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17 weeks preg and feel full up most of the time????

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TMD Mon 21-Sep-09 15:36:49

My appetite was enormous with my first pregnancy but with this one I have experienced morning sickness since week 5 and still with me. I am having difficulty eating big meals and my taste buds are all up the creek! Anyone else been experiencing the same or similar symptoms. I'm just not enjoying food? sad

jasmeeen Mon 21-Sep-09 17:16:14

Yes me! I'm 24 weeks with DC3 now and have absolutely zero appetite. With the last two pregnancies I ate tons (and gained tons which took me ages to lose). This time I'm eating very little and what I do eat causes massive heartburn. And nothing seems to taste nice either :-(

I've actually lost weight since the beginning of the pregnancy and was worried about the baby's growth, but the baby has measured up fine on scans and the consultant is happy (I did specifically ask her about this issue).

Angelfifi Mon 21-Sep-09 18:46:40

I am the same, i seem to have gone right off food!!! I have hardly any cravings, and when i do i can only eat 1 mouthfull before i feel sick. I'm only 12 weeks so hope it gets better, it's no fun cooking for the rest of the family knowing i won't be able to eat it and enjoy it!!!!

TMD Tue 22-Sep-09 08:13:26

Hi Jas and Angel,

Thank goodness it's not just me. I weighed myself and considering i'm four months preg i have only put on 4lb this time. But like you i piled on the weight first time round two and half stone to be precise!!!!! So maybe this one is just dif too as got other little one to keep me busy so not got time to think about it? I seem to be sticking with meal times but maybe a packet of crisps mid afternoon and another in eve round tv. I seem to be living off salad mostly. Craving red meat but when I get it don't enjoy it! Oh the joys of pregnancy eh! grin
And fluids well I am drinking lemonade mostly something I never touch usually but it helps too with nausea? Just re-introduced decaf tea as fed up not having hot drinks but again don't enjoy it.
I hop Angel it does improve for you sickness supposed to calm down by week 16,17 for most I never had it first time at all??


Angelfifi Tue 22-Sep-09 12:05:07

Tmd I wonder if we are expecting the same sex as i crave exactly the same as you!! Do you know what your having yet? I don't!! i think we are having a boy but dh thinks a girl!! So one of us will be right!!!

TMD Tue 22-Sep-09 17:42:18

Hi I craved these things first time round and had a boy I've done the ring over the tummy and it goes side to side and that happened first time round too........ So why not try an old wives tale test and see what happens!!!! I had a childs portion of lamb roast potatoes and peas for tea yummy!!!! but still struggled with the taste. put cranberry sauce with it and def could taste that.

Let me know hun what your result is........Boy side to side Girl in circles!!

jasmeeen Wed 23-Sep-09 11:45:03

I had boys the first two times and this time the baby wouldn't reveal gender at the scan. So maybe as this pregnancy is so different it is a girl......

I really miss red meat but like Tmd if I try it I just can't enjoy it. Mega heartburn and it just doesn't taste as good as I had imagined.

I'm cooking for the rest of the family but have given up putting out a serving for myself :-(

On the plus side I'm focussing on joy of not having to shift the pregnancy flab at the end of all this as it was v difficult first two times around :-)

TMD Wed 23-Sep-09 16:32:21

Well I am determined to keep eating. Made spag bol for tonight and shepherd pie for tomorrow night and three loaves banana bread as they freeze so i can take them on hol and cut into small peices to snack on. It's like cake more so than bread. Gluten/ wheat free if anyone wants recipe just shout! Banana in it helps keep energy up and can satisfy a hunger pang!grin. Have been snacking on spreadable cheese on toast. Not sure if thats allowed but I've fancied that and jam makes me feel yuck! Chewing gum has been helping but quite windyblushas a result!

Hope your appetite improves Jas you need to keep up your strength!wink

(on a slightly dif note I am selling a travel system if anyone is interested as my mum has got me one for this baby(mother-in-law got for my little boy) Not sure how i will tell her tho but i've posted it on this site.)If anyone could help if you know of anyone please let me know.

ohnelly Thu 24-Sep-09 09:19:57

Oh me too! since getting pregnant this time (second) I have no appetite at all, which really isnt like me - usually spend half my life on a diet and had nothing like this in first pregnancy. When I do eat I cant fit much in and get full really quickly. Im off work at the moment with a broken ankle, so can literally do nothing but rest all day but a few people have commented that I have lost weight. I dont know If I have as I cant get on the scales with my plaster cast or wear my normal clothes to tell!
I just try and make sure that what I do eat is healthy, and not skip meals even if I dont feel like it. On the plus side hopefully I wont put on too much weight this time!

ohnelly Thu 24-Sep-09 09:21:15

TMD whats the ring over tummy test? I cant decide whether to find out this time or not!

TMD Thu 24-Sep-09 16:31:48

Ohnelly You were a nelly then! How on earth did you break your ankle! shock The ring over the tummy test is litterally thread your wedding ring or other halves ring with thread and hold it still over your bump. If it naturally starts to move side to side it's a boy, if the ring circles it's a girl. (So the old wives tales say by the way)It worked for me last time but i have no feeling of what it might be this time??????

Keep snacking. :-)

ohnelly Thu 24-Sep-09 19:13:25

Thanks TMD I will try the ring test - hardly any bump there yet tho so will wait till its a bit bigger! I broke my ankle slipping on a door mat by the back door - thats what I get for buying cheap shoes from Asda (£6) for work

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