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Anterior placenta- will it "muffle" my baby's kicks?

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Joy27 Mon 21-Sep-09 13:57:33

My 20 week scan last week revealed that I have an anterior placenta (ie it's at the front instead of the back). Apparently it's nothing to worry about, just one of those things.

The only thing I'm wondering about is how it might affect the movements that I feel? I've been feeling the baby for a few weeks now- squirming sensations with a very occasional definite kick (I've can probably count the number of these I've felt on one hand).

However, I wouldn't say I am feeling 10 movements a day, which is what you're supposed to feel once you start sensing movements, isn't it? And the movements are rarely strong.

Could my placenta be "cushioning" the kicks and causing me to feel them less often,less strongly, and sometimes not at all? And if so, should I expect this to continue throughout the pregnancy, or when she gets bigger/stronger will I feel more?

Or am I simply not feeling much because I'm only 21 weeks?

I love feeling the baby kick, but at the same time spend a fair amount of time worrying because I can't feel her at all.

Sorry for the all the questions. Would appreciate words of wisdom.

ShowOfHands Mon 21-Sep-09 14:05:09

It's a combination of things. Yes, absolutely, an anterior placenta will muffle kicks to the front but at 21 weeks you won't be feeling massive kicks anyway. I had an anterior placenta with dd and as she got bigger and settled happily into a head-down, facing left position, all the kicks were out at the side anyway. And you start feeling kicks all over the place, your bladder, ribs, organs, sides, top of bump etc. It's surprising the places they can wedge their feet. Don't worry, soon you'll be woken up regularly with a little foot sticking out at an impossible angle while the baby hiccups for England, all the time bouncing on your bladder with alarming precision. It's a magical time.

Joy27 Mon 21-Sep-09 14:24:24

Thanks showofhands, that's reassuring. I'm still at the stage now where a good strong wallop is a wonderful novelty!

LionstarBigPants Mon 21-Sep-09 14:28:03

I have an anterior placenta (am 39 weeks). It did muffle the early kicks, but now I get almighty ones because the feet are right at the top, above the placenta. Don't feel much movement from the head/arm end even now though.

crokky Mon 21-Sep-09 14:31:39

I had an anterior placenta with my 2nd DC, but a posterior with the first. I definitely felt much less with the anterior placenta at your stage, but as the baby gets bigger, I found that DD moved as much as DS.

alana39 Mon 21-Sep-09 14:38:51

Same as Lionstar said - once the baby's bigger it will probably still muffle some of them but you'll feel enough kicks. I think the 10 a day is more relevant once you're further on. The wierdest thing I've had with this (3rd) pg having anterior placenta is that many of the early big movements were visible - small bump moving rather alarmingly - while I couldn't actually feel a thing. That's all a thing of the past and the uncomfortable churning around at 34 weeks makes me wish things were a bit more muffled again!

BlueChampagne Mon 21-Sep-09 15:14:28

Didn't start counting 10 a day till about 30 weeks with DC1 so don't get hung up on that yet.

Joy27 Mon 21-Sep-09 15:52:48

Thanks for putting my mind at rest,ladies.

pippel Mon 21-Sep-09 15:59:45

I had one and felt like she hardly moved then I had a scan at 34 weeks and she was all over the place and I couldn't feel a thing!

apparently they make back to back labours more likely, I had one and it was horrible, but there are things you can do to get them in the right position.

carrielou2007 Mon 21-Sep-09 16:10:07

I'm nearly 25 weeks and can feel at the very bottom and the sides but really very very little and nothing at all like with dd. She was back to back but did not have anterior placenta as this one does.

I have the midwife this week and was going to ask the same thing as by now with dd I was getting beaten up from the inside every single day!!

claireymumtobe Mon 21-Sep-09 19:54:57

hi guys im new here,im 28 weeks and have the placenta at the front and to be honest im lucky if i feel 5 movements a day let alone 10! been told today if you drink an ice cold drink straight down that will get the baby moving so ill give that a try!
claire x

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