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Help! WILL go insane if morning sickness doesn't end.

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ThreeistheNumber Mon 21-Sep-09 09:56:24

I am 16+2 weeks and now in my 11th week of puking, eating only cereal and toast, passing out if I move too quick etc etc
This is my third sick pregnancy. With the last two, I felt better at 20 weeks but this time it has been much worse and I can see no end in sight and I'm not improving at all.
Is there anyone out there who can give me hope that it will indeed end? Or anyone who had it all the way through, how DO you cope?

Also when does morning sickness become hyperemesis? Do you have to be hospitalised before you get the official title?! Have managed to avoid hospital (very luckily I know) but would like a better name for what has now been a year of my life (over 3 pregs)feeling permanently sick.

Sniff. Feeling very sorry for myself today.

LadyoftheBathtub Mon 21-Sep-09 10:15:48

Oh god I know it is fecking miserable. I'm not even as bad as you (it's more constant nausea and no energy and feeling ill, less actual puking) and yet I have felt I would go insane several times, and often just burst into tears because I can't bear it any more. I miss my self and my life so much - the stuff I used to do in my spare time - hobbies - being busy round the house - seeing friends - enjoying food - can't do any of it.

However to try to reassure you, I'm now about 14-15 weeks and I think it is easing off. This is good news because I have been much, much worse this time than last time, and I was scared because of that it would last longer too, but 15 weeks is when I felt better last time and it's shaping up to be the same. So hold out hope that you will be OK by 20 weeks like before.

hannahsaunt Mon 21-Sep-09 10:19:12

Are you taking any medication? If not, then do - it will give you back a semblance of normality (I am 19wks with db4; hyperemesis in 3/4 pregnancies so all too familiar ...). My sickness has started to ease in the last week (tho' was sick this morning). I take cyclizine, ranitidine and thiamine and have done since being in hospital at 9wks.

ThreeistheNumber Mon 21-Sep-09 10:29:27

I was prescibed cyclizine at about 10 weeks and it does stop the vomiting but completely knocks me out. I have been taking it on and off when the vomiting gets out of control. I don't find it helps with the nausea really.

Oh I miss my life too LadyoftheBath. The worst is not being able to look after my other two properly and constantly relying on family help (though I know I am very lucky to have it.) And I am a real foodie so not even being able to watch a cookery programme on TV let alone open my fridge without retching is very depressing!

Still we all know the end result will outweigh all of this suffering. It's just very easy to lose sight of that when you are stuck in the middle of it.

LadyoftheBathtub Mon 21-Sep-09 10:33:32

My DS has watched a hell of a lot more telly of late and is even not sleeping as well because he's not getting anything like the amount of exercise he's used to - I feel awful about that I just hope we can be back to something a bit more normal soon, at least for a few months before I'm too big to move!

kathyis6incheshigh Mon 21-Sep-09 10:45:31

I am 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow with my third.
I am still being sick sometimes and nauseous most of the time.
I am, in fact, insane <wibble>.

Don't know how we cope, really, but we are nearly there and are all still alive. I think reminding ourselves that we are lucky lucky lucky compared with friends who can't get pregnant/have multiple miscarriages, helps. (I had an email this morning from a friend in Taiwan who said re having three children 'if you live in Taiwan, you will be the guest of honour in any wedding. you will be asked to stand by the bride because you are 'the one who has it all' and the bride will certainly hope to catch some of your luck.' smile).

We also enjoy smirking when people say things like 'Ooh, you'll have your work cut out when your third arrives!' because we know from past experience that unless something is very wrong, even the hardest of newborns are easier than dealing with the HG.

When does morning sickness become HG - this is a funny one - it seems to be a bit circular, so if you get medical treatment then it's called HG but you only get medical treatment if they think you've got HG not MS. So if you have cyclizine you can call it HG.

You will be fine, you'll probably be all better soon but if not, you'll find as you cut down the dose of cyclizine it will wipe you out less. And it won't last for ever.

ThreeistheNumber Tue 22-Sep-09 10:16:39

kathy it is amazing you sound so philosophical and calm about it after nearly an entirely nauseous pregnancy. Well done for getting through it! Bet you cannot wait to give birth!
And it is so true, dealing with a comnpletely insomniac newborn is nothing compared to this. We are certainly prepared for the tough times!
On a positive note, I managed to keep down a toddler size portion of spaghetti bolognese last night. First meat for three months! Thought of it now is making me very green though!

PanicMode Tue 22-Sep-09 11:20:13

Sympathy from me too - I am 8+4 with number 4 and feeling totally and utterly rotten - almost throwing up every morning on my commute in, wishing that I COULD be physically sick because then, just perhaps, maybe the sickness would ease off - even though I know that's not the case.....

I haven't felt this sick with my other three - I was actually paranoid that it was twins because I am feeling SO terrible, but the sonographer is 90% positive that she didn't miss one at my early scan last week!

Roll on the next few months - I am completely fed up with it already and I've barely started this pg!

(although I am counting my blessings - I have several friends who would LOVE to be in this position, so I am trying hard not to complain, even though it's hard....)

hormonalmum Tue 22-Sep-09 14:48:23

My sympathy too!
I'm 8+1 with no 3 and I feel dreadful most of the time.
My other 2 pg's were not like this at all and I said to dh this morning, I just want to feel normal again.
I could have wrote your post Panicmode almost word for word (although not no 4!)

Hope everyone feels better soon

Cooch Wed 23-Sep-09 14:15:52

Poor you, I am sure it will end around 20 weeks like your previous pg's, even though you are a bit worse doesn't necessarily mean it will go on for longer, I know it seems like it can never end. I am 12 weeks, thought I was 14 weeks but been put back, very depressing when counting the days until I stop being sick. I stopped being sick about 16 wks with my previous 2 pg's and stopped actually feeling it completly by 17wks. Thought it would never end (worried as my sister had it all way through) but it just does. I am hoping I will be the same with this one! I think I am a bit worse with no. 3 like you, no idea why, they thought maybe twins too but scan shows just one thankfully! I think it must be because we are more tired looking after 2 others, tiredness tends to make sickness worse I find. Don't forget you've done it before so you can do it again! Really looking forward to getting normal life back again and feel I can cope with anything now after coping with this! Just remind yourself what a star you are!

Cooch Wed 23-Sep-09 14:19:57

By the way, my doctor tried me on 4 different types of medication and none of them worked, I was so excited with each one as so hopeful it would work but made no difference, some just made me really drowsy. Worth you trying as works for some but don't raise your hopes! Tried accupuncture out of desperation (hate needles!) but didn't feel any different. Just got to put up with it now and ride it out, roll on next 4 weeks eh!

kathyis6incheshigh Wed 23-Sep-09 14:48:03

by the way I may sound philosophical but I do in fact moan & whine & whinge at anyone who will listen.
I think if you have HG you are damn well entitled to complain.

Cooch - how infuriating about your dates being put back shock

ThreeistheNumber Wed 23-Sep-09 16:41:50

We all have the right to complain as much as we want.
I have two DDs and was also wondering about twins because sickness is more severe but scan showed only one. I think that there must be something in what you say Cooch. I was certainly tired and run down looking after two littles ones when I fell pregnant this time. You would think logically that your body would get more used to the hormones with each pregnancy so it should get easier .....
Acupuncture did nothing for me either.
kathy please share your good news with us when the baby comes. Were you early or late with the others?

vanloadtovenice Wed 23-Sep-09 20:25:37

Hi, ttc no.3 at the moment, have put it off for nearly 4 years because knew I wouldn't cope with the sickness otherwise. Horrified at the thought that it might be worse with 3rd! Lasted til 24 weeks with dd1 and 2. Terrific results, but my goodness, what a shocker HG is.
Acupuncture really helped second time round with the being sick part, though not with the nausea.
Best to accept that you have no life for a few months, and just go to be at the same time as the children! It will be worth it in the end, and clearly is, or we wouldn't be mad enough to put ourselves through it again.

PS; would love a 'don't suggest ginger' t-shirt!

ThreeistheNumber Thu 24-Sep-09 10:13:18

Vanloadtovenice best of luck in ttc and you never know - you may not be as sick this time! It does happen to some lucky people!! The ginger t-shirt is a fantastic idea!
Three different midwives over each of my pregnancies have suggested it to me. You would think they would learn from the filthy looks they must get (from me anyway) that it's not the most tactful thing to say to someone with HG!

roary Thu 24-Sep-09 10:58:15

I think there should be a list of t-shirts, really: How about, I laugh in the face of your wristbands?

vanloadtovenice Thu 24-Sep-09 19:25:16

And no, I am sick and pregnant! This after my dear Mother said (after I'd lost 8 kilos), "well, you're not sick darling, just pregnant"

Okay, I'm not dying, but it's a bit worse than being sick once in the morning for a few weeks!

Thanks so much for good wishes, will keep you all posted!

kathyis6incheshigh Thu 24-Sep-09 20:22:26

Love the wristbands one.
I had ginger suggested to me by a GP the first time I went to see one about it after a week of not being able to keep anything down, including water.
Me: I can't keep anything down at all, even sips of water.
Her: Lots of women find ginger biscuits are helpful.

3is - both my earlier babies were bang on time so I'm hoping this one will be a little bit early!

karney Fri 25-Sep-09 11:29:29

Got prescribed pheregen yesterday after finally seeing a sympathetic doctor. Have spent the last two weeks housebound being sick and nauseous all day every day. The nurse I spoke to last week was horrible and told me there was no medication for this and I should try...wait for it....salty crackers!!!shock. The pheneregen has stopped the sickness but I,m still pretty nauseous. However I.m just grateful that ther is slight improvement. It's such a horrible experience and I,m in support of t shirts to deter stupid suggestions from people who have obviously never suffered from this. I'd prefer to take a more violentangryresponse to suggestions of peppermint and ginger but I think that's just my hormones doing the talking.

roary Fri 25-Sep-09 12:02:07

Also, the number of people who've said to me, "oooh, I was a bit queasy but I found if I just got out of the house and got on with it it helped SO much!" or similar, implying that my vomiting has to do with lazy shiftlessness and inadequate work ethic. I'll have to try that one.

Incidentally, and it's probably not fair to all GPs (certainly not my lovely one this time around), I've had much better experiences with consultants, who see this more often. Last time I was sent to the consultant at 16 weeks, who took one look at my chart and said, I can't believe they've been letting you vomit this much for this long - but by then it had started to ease, thank goodness....

Am 13+2 at the moment and the vomits have limited but still naseous most of the time and surviving on home made smoothies and avocado toast when I can bear it.

memorylapse Fri 25-Sep-09 12:26:03

I can empathise with you all..Im 8 weeks today and have had hyperemesis since 6 eased off a little for a few days and is now back with a vengeance..I look like Im lying on the sofa with my trusty bucket for company..cyclizine doesnt seem to do much except knock me out..had it with 3 of my other dcs and it sucks..with ds2 it lasted all the way through my pregnancy

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