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spotting at 5 weeks

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MummytoEli Sun 20-Sep-09 03:15:30

Hi all just have a quick question im 5 weeks pregnant and on wednesday i started spotting light pink blood and since has turned to light brown blood i was told by my doctor it was implantation bleeding, I guess im just curious to how long implantation bleeding should last??
thanks in advance

PandaEis Sun 20-Sep-09 03:28:28

implantation bleeding can last for a while as it is the baby burrowing deeper and depending on the thicknessof the womb lining it can last from hours to weeks and as long as it is light pink/brown it tends to not be anything to worry aboutsmile congrats BTWgrin

MummytoEli Sun 20-Sep-09 03:52:49

Thankyou Panda that makes it easier to understand xx

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