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What do you think? (Midwifes??)

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jofeb04 Sun 05-Jun-05 12:01:40

With my 1st ds, i had to be monitored throughout the labour, so couldnt walk or anything (due to high blood pressure). Through monitoring, they noticed my ds wasn't reacting the way he should through the contractions, so my waters were broken. They had to speed it all up by oxytocin, and then i also had a forceps delivery, and many stitches.
Now 23weeks preg with 2nd, starting to get worried again about the birth. Im starting to think about having a planned c-section, thinking it may be easier (wimp at heart!!). Now, we dont think its best, but i really dont want to have to go through all that a 2nd time.
Please tell me all the downsides/plus sides to having a c-section. BTW, i dont like being in hospital anyway, much prefer to be at home!!

hotmummy Sun 05-Jun-05 20:19:51

Hi Jofeb04
I had to be monitered when I had ds as he was a vbac. Luckily my midwife let me walk about a little (taking little breaks (of 2-3 mins) I also used the ball to sit on whilst I was on the monitors. DS didn't really react to the contractions either his heart rate stayed level through out the whole labour (they kept saying not enough accelerations andecelerations). I really didn't wanrt another c-section as I felt cheated with having one for my first (medically needed) DS was fine really quick 2nd stage and 3 pushes he was out. His dad is really laid back, and ds is still laid back now (he is 1 in two weeks).


As for c-section that is a choice for you to make, I know plenty of women wouuld always opt for a c-section as they think it easier, where other would rather do normal delivery. I personally prefer normal delivery, I bonded alot quicker with ds than with DD. But that could have also been down to the probs with carrying DD etc. I also did feel really cheated with my c-section but i suppose that was because the choice was not mine to make.

Good luck in what ever you decide.

vickiyumyum Sun 05-Jun-05 20:26:10

each pregnancy should be treated as different from the last. if this pregnancy has been normal throughout there is no reason, unless you have anepidural that you should be monitored throughout labour.
i would discuss this with your midwife and ask to be referred to a consultant at the hospital, where they can go through your old notes and trya and work out what happened and why and perhaps ease your mind that things can be different this time.
however i have to say that an elective c/section in my experience was absolutley fine, but they mave been just because i only had a 23 hour labour and emergency section to compare it too.
(p.s i'm only a student midwife and not qualified yet. 2nd year)

AnotherHelen Sun 05-Jun-05 21:08:29

Hiya jofeb04!!! i just wanted to say i fully understand everything you say! i had a terrible time with first labour and delivery and had to have emergency section! But my sister also had a terrible time! with her first baby her waters broke at about 7am on a thursday morning and he wasnt born until saturday morning! - he got the cord around his neck 5 times and as she was pushing he was tearing the placenta away from the uterus!!! he got well and truly stuk and his heart rate went right down to the teens!!! in the end Dr's had to cut my sister 'down there' as much as they possibly could and drag him out with forceps her little boy very very nearly died and had problems for weeks! (he's a perfectly healthy 2.5 year old now though) my sis got strongly advised to have a section if she had anymore but decided against and she just gave birth to a baby girl on thursday morning! - she went in a midnight feeling 'a bit funny' and was told she was 7cm!! had her waters broke and she delivered at 2.20am!!! so it just shows all deliveries can be very different! i saw her at 10am the same morning in the hospital and she was just getting her coat on and going home! on the other side of things i have had 2 c-sections and they were just fine! first one was emergency and was obviously stressful but all worked out! and the second was planned and it couldnt have been better got there at 8am went down to theatre at 10.30am and ds2 was born at 11.08am! no problems and recovery was fine! Very sorry for the long story - just hope i can help a little! xxx

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