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what do i get? my friend gave birth 2 months early!!!!!!!

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nomorebooze Thu 17-Sep-09 18:04:00

hi everyone, what the heck do i buy my friend she gave birth today 2 months early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. little one is doing well been transfered to another hospital for special care. Baby is just over 3 pounds. what are your thoughts?

Mamazon Thu 17-Sep-09 18:05:14

I think i would send a congratulations gift like some flowers and maybe a teddy for baby.
if all signs are good then why not celebrate

pinkmagic1 Thu 17-Sep-09 18:07:25

Some prem baby clothes and a bunch of flowers/ choccies for mum if all is well.

randomeuro Thu 17-Sep-09 18:07:41

Premature baby clothes. My baby was 2 months early and was in the hospital prem clothes at first as all the clothes I had were too big. Was a lovely moment to be able to put him in something of his own. Another thing I had was a little blanket which we put in his incubator for a few days then I took it with me and it smelled of him.

BertieBotts Thu 17-Sep-09 18:07:45

Some premature size sleepsuits, perhaps? They won't have bought any I imagine. (Mothercare sell them and Boots) And some food - they must be exhausted and not feel like cooking if/when they get home. If there is a microwave on the ward, even better.

nomorebooze Thu 17-Sep-09 18:08:24

where do you get prem clothes?

nomorebooze Thu 17-Sep-09 18:09:08

bertiebotts you answered my question!

MrsJamin Thu 17-Sep-09 18:09:24


NormaStanleyFletcher Thu 17-Sep-09 18:10:38

Premature baby clothes. Congratulations card. Pampering stuff for her.

Can you go and visit? A friendly face would probably be welcome

brightonbleach Thu 17-Sep-09 18:53:06

a relative had her baby 7 weeks early recently & all the 'newborn' stuff was way too big! so premmie clothes I'm sure would be welcomed, most places sell them labelled 'premature' and 'tiny baby' as well

Deemented Thu 17-Sep-09 18:59:00

Maybe you could pop over and bring a top up for her phone, or as a pp suggested, come food would be welcomed.

nomorebooze Thu 17-Sep-09 19:32:57

live 5 hrs away so unfortunatley cant visit for another 2 weeks! bummer also moving in 2 weeks so will be closer then. going shopping tommorrow so will look for clothes then.

AngelaCarleen Thu 17-Sep-09 19:34:13

How about a single use camera with a flash on so that special nursery staff can take pics of her baby for her when she's not there?

countrybump Fri 18-Sep-09 08:17:20

My DS was early and in NICU, and I really appreciated the little gifts I was sent in the post, which included premature baby clothes (I also didn't have any), a little teddy bear, a bouquet made of baby clothes, and also some pyjamas for me (I was also kept in hospital, and new pyjamas were fantastic!). Was also sent a baby record book to record everything, and my friends that visited bought all manner of goodies, from biscuits to shower gel and hand moisturiser, and of course tiny baby clothes.
I think what I appreciated most was the fact that people were thinking of us at what was a really difficult time, and they were thinking of all the things that I wasn't, if you see what I mean!

pippel Fri 18-Sep-09 08:32:47

A cuski my baby loves hers I slept with it then put it in her cot and my smell near her helped her to settle

JumpingJellyfish Fri 18-Sep-09 11:30:10

My DS was 10 weeks early and wasn't able to wear clothes in his incubator for a while due to needing phototherapy etc., but once he did all premature baby clothes were much appreciated. The mothercare ones are great.
Also we were allowed "kangaroo care", where skin to skin contact is encouraged between parents and baby, and were given a lovely soft pure cotton blanket for draping over DS while we did this (also helped with a little bit of privacy, esp if boobs were out!). We needed a few in the end as always one in the wash etc. My friends also brought me lots of lovely snacks etc., I was expressing a lot and needed constant energy boosts. One gave me a beautiful notebook in which I wrote about DS's SCBU rollercoaster- helped me a lot I think to put pen to paper especially in the endless hours sitting next to his incubator. Good novels were welcome too. It is still a time to celebrate but it is tough for the parents... Pampering stuff for mum will always be welcome at this time, she will be undoubtedly mentally exhausted by it all.

Really hope the little one does well and the ride through SCBU is a smooth one.

springerspaniel Fri 18-Sep-09 16:05:09

Hotel Chocolat chocolate. Can't go wrong.

nomorebooze Fri 18-Sep-09 17:01:14

hi everyone! i got some premature baby clothes in mothercare today, as i know she doesnt have any, a little secret squirrel told me! thanks for all the ideas, i am looking forwards to seeing him in a few weeks, cant get over how small the clothes were. fingers crossed evrything goes well!!!!!!

TwoManyFallsAndYouGetABadScore Fri 18-Sep-09 17:10:53

I hope everything is OK with the little one. Just something to be aware of in the coming weeks and months -my SIL had an 8 week premature baby by emergency c-section (fetal distress). She actually got quite down about it all and fairly angry a few months later. i think it was the shock of it all. Might not happen to your friend but just wanted to flag it. My SIL talks about what an awful time it was coming to terms with what happened.

My DN is now a fit and healthy 5 year old so all turned out well.

nomorebooze Fri 18-Sep-09 18:42:59

thanks twomany, have been wondering about this one! my friend is not good at expressing herself! will keep an eye out for any negatives, to be honest i dont think its sunk in with her yet, still a bit shocked, she had a low lying placenta and had heavy bleeding in the weeks before he decided to say hello, i think this next week will be when it hits her!

TwoManyFallsAndYouGetABadScore Fri 18-Sep-09 19:12:20

good luck and I hope she is OK. I was talking about it all with my SIL this week and I don't think any of us realised what an absolute trauma the whole thing had been for her.

I hope you get to see him soon, and would second taking something for her. Especially if she is feeling a bit delicate.

You sound like a lovely friend. smile

nomorebooze Fri 18-Sep-09 19:24:47

Thanks twomany! will keep you all updated.

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