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Can't face food and feeling guilty

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eastendmummy Wed 16-Sep-09 20:22:15

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty awful which I know is normal as I have a 19 month old DS. The problem is that when I open the fridge and see fresh food I just want to run away so all I've been eating since I found out are jacket potatoes and beans, toast, the odd spag bol, crackers and tonight a pizza. I've managed bananas and apples but irregularly and although I've cut back on caffeine almost completely I'm desperate for a diet coke by 3 in the afternoon when I hit the wall and want to run off to bed.

I feel so guilty that I've not been eating my normal healthy and balanced diet, but can't face food and the thought of cooking makes me want to puke.

I suppose I'm just looking for reassurance that everything will be OK despite me not having my 5 a day!

ThePhantomPlopper Wed 16-Sep-09 20:28:44

Everything WILL be OK.

Are you taking a multi vit?

I had 2 weeks of this at the beginning of the month, I'm still not eating properly at all, mostly easy, not particularly nutritious foods.

With my first I was like this throughout my pregnancy, surviving on cereal pretty much, he was a healthy 8lb 12 when he was born and has remained healthy so far.

eastendmummy Wed 16-Sep-09 20:31:31

Thanks TPP, I'm trying to take the pregnacare multi vit but if I don't eat enough then it makes me feel even more sick. But I've had half a pizza tonight so I should definitely take one and hope that it does the trick.

missingthemountains Wed 16-Sep-09 20:36:14

please please don't worry - obviously a healthy diet is a good idea but many of us have made it through nausea-ridden pregnancies on very little - and ended up with healthy babes. i spent most of the first 5 months of my last pg eating half packet of hula hoops and some ice cubes each day. Baby was 8lb13 so he obviously didn't suffer much. Babies are the ultimate parasite and whilst you may feel like total crap the baby will be taking exactly what it needs and you'll just get the leftovers.

good luck - hope you feel better soon

(just keep hydrated - forgot that bit)

angel1976 Wed 16-Sep-09 20:41:58


I wouldn't worry either. My first pregnancy, I didn't suffer from nausea much BUT I couldn't face eating. I just couldn't and I normally love my food. I ended up eating really, really bland food like tofu and plain rice (if that!). I couldn't face eating chicken at all and that's what I usually eat. I remember it being so grim, I would come home, open the fridge and just didn't feel like eating. I didn't put on ANY weight till about 25 weeks pregnant but DS is now 19 months old and a very healthy, cheerful little boy! Now preggers with number 2 and completely different pregnancy - eating loads (just had two dinners tonight!), really craving red meat, fizzy drinks blush and at 32 weeks, I don't know just how much more weight I can put on... hmm It will pass! I remember a doctor telling me... the foetus is a perfect 'parasite', it will live off the 'host' even when the 'host' is ill, not eating etc.


hambo Wed 16-Sep-09 20:43:49

I too had 5 months of full on sickness - could not even go in to the kitchen. Had to hire a cleaner!!

I existed on sherbet and lucozade.

DS seems walker/chatting/alert etc.

Doctor said my body would collapse before the baby went without......

(explains my premature grey hair and wrinkles then)

eastendmummy Wed 16-Sep-09 20:47:44

Thanks everyone (smile) - your reassurances have made me feel loads better. I am drinking loads of water though so at least I'm doing something right!

ReneRusso Wed 16-Sep-09 22:11:48

Hi eastendmummy, very similar situation. I'm 11 weeks and I have been really struggling to cook decent food too. DH says whats for dinner and I just wretch at the thought of preparing anything. I just want to eat very plain foods like toast, bread, cheese and gallons of orange juice or orangina. Infact anything quick and easy, and really struggling to have enough fruit and veg. I usually have a quite a healthy diet. Don't know why my body would behave like this, when presumably the baby needs some decent nutrients. You have done well to cut out caffeine, I allow myself one or two caffeinated drinks per day.

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