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might possibly be PG with unwanted DC4.... BFN yesterday tho...

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cantmummyhaveabreak Wed 16-Sep-09 08:00:52

OK so title is a bit harsh, but we NEVER wanted a DC4, if i'm PG we'll come to terms with it and Deal with it as it comes...

I have a nearly 7mo DD2, 3.5yo DD1 and nearly 5yo DS.... we didn't want any more, our house is nowhere near big enough and we can't afford to move at all, and to sell and rent would leave us much worse off each month than paying our mortgage!!

My 7mo is being very fussy at the breast the last few days, not taking a full feed properly and always winging between mouthfuls. I'm very hormonal, and have been sick the last 3 mornings (have been sick before my BFP's all 3 times). Did a PG test yesterday which gave a BFN, dont know when AF is due but any day now i think.

Any adviose would be very useful.


(will be doing the school & nursery run soon so might not be back till after 9am)

Hi, are you having a regular cycle since your last DC was born 7 months ago? Regular enough to predict when your next period would be due?

Are you using any other contraception, or exclusively breast feeding?

I think you should wait a couple more days - and test again first thing in the morning.

Sorry your feeling poorly, but it could be some thing else causing it, a bug for example?

Hope you get the out come you want


cantmummyhaveabreak Wed 16-Sep-09 09:21:58

regular enough that i know i should be due on any day now... Used to be a 28day girl, and still about that being as much as a 30 day in the 6mths i've been having periods since DD2...

FlamingoBingo Wed 16-Sep-09 09:24:04


Thinking of you. No advice though! Have you been using any contraception?

cantmummyhaveabreak Wed 16-Sep-09 09:33:46

well i'm exclusivley BFing, but have been using condoms.... though admittedly could have been a bit more careful.... however if i am PG then i'd be very surprised, but we do know where we went wrong IYGWIM.

well? any news?

funtimewincies Wed 16-Sep-09 19:36:16

If it's any help, hormone levels high enough to cause morning sickness would usually be high enough to show up on a test. After having ds I found that I felt sick just before my period was due, something to do with raised progesterone levels I think (although I might be wrong). Played havoc with my moods when I was ttc again sad.

Good luck.

cantmummyhaveabreak Thu 17-Sep-09 19:45:53

Think AF is on her way, have had some spotting this evening!! fingers crossed it is- DH has his app for the snip tomorrow!!! smile

funtimewincies Thu 17-Sep-09 19:58:10

Phew - fingers crossed smile!

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