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What were your most comfy clothes when you were pregnant?

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tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 15-Sep-09 19:26:56

I am only 5 months and so uncomfortable!!

HeadFairy Tue 15-Sep-09 19:28:39

Any particular part of you uncomfortable?

For me, of particular importance was well fitting underwear, most non wired mat bras make me feel so uncomfortable I want to scream, so Anita underwired were the only choice for me. And good pants.... they don't have to be ginormous, but soft enough and gentle so they don't rub anywhere around the legs etc.

brightonbleach Tue 15-Sep-09 19:32:24

i have a soft bra from mothercare which has been fab & have been living in leggings & a freeflowing long black vest-y style top with funky fashionable 'laddering' up the back and straps (from George of all places), which I can wear bright coloured t-shirt/tops underneath for variation. its not maternity wear but I haven't found any good mat wear for everyday wear really! I've also got a strapless pull-on soft cotton flowing summerdress for sitting around the house/garden, feels like I'm naked - I don't like ANY elastication or waistbands on the bump at all (33+4)

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 15-Sep-09 19:32:47

That's it bra and knickers!!!!! Thanks HeadFairy. What pants did you go for? Is underwired ok??

Also shoes even, NOTHING is comfortable!!!

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 15-Sep-09 19:34:15

brightonbleach sounds great but I teach 3 days and need to look smart which is HELL!

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 15-Sep-09 19:35:16

Sorry brightonbleach not saying your clothes don't sound smart! blush

nightshade Tue 15-Sep-09 19:39:04

second the leggings and longer length tops, which in my mind, if acessorised can look very smart.

HeadFairy Tue 15-Sep-09 19:40:03

Anita underwired bras are specifically made for use during pregnancy and bfing, the wiring is really soft, but it gives the extra support that for me makes all the difference!

Pants wise, just M&S specials really, I did get some of their silky boy short type ones as they didn't rub round my legs. I did buy some a bit bigger than I normally do, but I get really fat when I'm pg!

HeadFairy Tue 15-Sep-09 19:41:15

Also, with irritating mat jeans that fall down I wear my bump band from Jojomaman.. it makes all the difference and fits me quite snugly and is rather comfy as well as holding up my jeans.

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 15-Sep-09 19:42:19

Any links nightshade? Sounding good!
Headfairy I am soooooooooo much bigger 2nd time around! Thanks I now have a date with M&S!

CatIsSleepy Tue 15-Sep-09 19:43:47

another vote for leggings and long tops...I didn't start wearing leggings til I was nearly 8 months pg but they were such a blessed relief after struggling with jeans and maternity trousers I wished I'd worn them from the start.

but how about dresses if that doesn't sound smart enough?

dogonpoints Tue 15-Sep-09 19:47:50

Elasticated waist, black brushed cotton wide legged trousers (just a couple of sizes up from my usual size) and long cotton tops with little collar detail from Blooming M, I think

minxofmancunia Tue 15-Sep-09 20:03:27

yes leggings and long tops/empire line dresses here too esp in the later months. Good jewellry and pretty sandals/cool boots can make them look smart. Maternity jeans are a nightmare they dig in and just fall down all the time.

topshop leggings are the best imo

pattymc Tue 15-Sep-09 20:06:04

white stuff tracksuit trousers are brilliant, too good as I wear them all the time and have done pregnant or not. The blue ones are my fave but beware the colour really runs for the first few washes.

mazzystartled Tue 15-Sep-09 20:08:04

queen sized duvet

or if not

jersey wrap dresses from isabella oliver/topshop, with soft wideleg jersey trousers underneath and birkies or trainers

HeadFairy Tue 15-Sep-09 20:09:47

Ds was born in September 07, which was quite warm (or at least I was quite warm!) so I ended up wearing just a sarong at home, that was very comfy

Not entirely practical for when you're out and about, or indeed winter!

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 15-Sep-09 20:10:52

leggings and long tunic/dress tops sound good, I guess cardigan and boots as the weather gets colder would layer well. Any links to some long tunic/dress tops please!!!

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 15-Sep-09 20:13:48

birkies?? What are they mazzystartled??!!
Headfairy a sarong in the classroom could be interesting!! I have some characters this year!!grinblush

brightonbleach Tue 15-Sep-09 20:18:12

thats alright trying, I don't have to be smart on a daily basis as am self-employed grin

leggings can always be got from primark if you're going to only wear them in these months, huge cheap variety. I've got a variety of mid-thigh 60s-esque mini dresses/long tops from dorothy perkins as well, they do mat and non-mat in soft swinging jersey. I've also got a smart black linen shirt dress kneelength which is really nice (& can easily be very smart or smart cas) from an online range that I thought were good - simply be maybe? or the holly willoughby range on littlewoods, has some nice pieces. I haven't bought too much to be honest as I feel I'll be annoyed at the pile of clothes next year I spent good money on and barely wore - I have a silk dress for example from an expensive maternity boutique that I haven't now worn and probably won't argh! also, I didn't realise how uncomfortable some stuff would be and that leggings/almost pyjama style wear would be better...! I bought lovely mat jeans for example but I can't wear them, have only worn them out twice as they dig into bump if you sit but fall down as you walk, really annoying as they look great.... angry

HeadFairy Tue 15-Sep-09 20:18:57

Yeah, my sarong tip isn't entirely practical

brightonbleach Tue 15-Sep-09 20:22:38

also on the high st, peacocks has some nice cheap 80s style batwing long tops that are great with leggings and you might be able to find a smart-ish one on the rails...

brightonbleach Tue 15-Sep-09 20:26:20

ok heres a good website which pulls together bargains from other maternity sites, see I think theres plenty of wraps dresses and so on that you could be presentable in at work!!

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 15-Sep-09 20:52:40

Thanks sooooooooooo much brightonbleach!!

laurawantsababy Tue 15-Sep-09 21:59:45

I have a pair of black yoga style trousers from Peacocks and they are amazing! Very cheap aswell.

brightonbleach Wed 16-Sep-09 10:06:47

trying no worries! hope you find some stuff its so annoying to have comfort to think about as well as everything else, and theres next to sod all in the shops (well, I couldn't find anything that I wanted to wear in the very tiny maternity sections of most shops - I've become pregnant not lost my mind! & I don't want to wear deeply unflattering or unfashionable smocks thank you very much!!)

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