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Good luck Katzguk!

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gingerbear Sat 04-Jun-05 11:16:41

I might be tempting fate, but I read that you had a show this morning on another thread.
I hope things get moving for you quickly, and that everything goes well.

Hulababy Sat 04-Jun-05 11:30:42

Yes, hope everything kicks off for you soon If not today, see you later for the meal. Good luck!!! You could try going into labour AT the MN meal - that might be a first for the site!!!

Good luck.

katzguk Sat 04-Jun-05 21:09:03

thanks both.

Think things might be happening! have been having mild painful contractions since about 7.30pm they're every 5-10mins at the mo and last for 15-30 secs. so maybe!!

jessicasmummy Sat 04-Jun-05 21:09:39

Excellent.... good luck - birth announcement tomorrow then!!!!

gingerbear Mon 06-Jun-05 10:55:03

Congratulations Kat!

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