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Feeling stressed out...I'm overdue and DS seems to be coming down with a bug.

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SpawnChorus Mon 14-Sep-09 19:52:52

He's been teary and lethargic today, and now has a temperature sad

Apparently there are several bugs going around the DCs nursery, including one suspected case of swine flu last week, a vomitting bug (DD was playing all morning with a girl who puked at lunchtime), and some weird respiratory/croup thing which has hospitalised the sibling of another kid at the nursery.

Argh!! I can't bear it!! Am I going to be horribly ill while in labour? Is the baby going to catch a nasty bug as soon as he's out??

Can anyone give me a slap and talk sense into me? People with lurgified school age kids give birth all the time, don't they?


SpawnChorus Mon 14-Sep-09 19:57:06

Oh, and do you think I should keep the kids out of nursery for a bit (even if they are well)?

reikizen Mon 14-Sep-09 19:58:56

Yes. You'll be fine. Baby will be fine. Don't forger baby has your immunity when first born so you have probably already passed on the goods to them. I have never yet met a woman too ill to labour (apart from women who are actually seriously ill iyswim!)

SpawnChorus Mon 14-Sep-09 20:01:23

Oh thank you reikizen! I think I need to take some deeeep breaths and try to relax a bit. I've been feeling so tense every time I hear another story about one of their friends feeling ill!

needahand Mon 14-Sep-09 20:45:03

don't know if that helps but I caught a bug two days before I had DS. Was really sick on the Sunday (vomitting/diareah sorry if TMI) and thought "oh I am in labour (that is what I had for DD". Midwife came and said no you have a bug. I was so sick and tired (hardly any sleep because so poorly), I only started to pick up on the Tuesday morning and hoped it would be a while until the baby came as I needed to recover. Only to feel sick again the next day and think "oh no the bug is back" except this one the bug was my DS. And although I had been absolutely shattered the day before, I was absolutely fine. Our body have a way to snap back into shape remarkably quickly.

Good luck

SpawnChorus Mon 14-Sep-09 21:07:39

thanks needahand It's really reassuring to hear your story.

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