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2nd babe-how do you prepare for it?

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Comma2 Mon 14-Sep-09 16:03:31

I am 33 weeks today, and faintly feel like I should start preparing stuff for the baby. It's the second, dc1 is 19 months, and the house is overrun with baby stuff anyway....I figured I'd pull out newborn onesies, hats and those little mittens (haha-as if I'd ever find those again), put the bassinett and swing into the living room, the diaper table into the bedroom, baby bath's still in the tub....

I haven't got a night-bed solution yet, not overly fond of second-hand bassinett...dc1 slept in crib, but not sure we can't sleep newborn in something else for few months, then buy dc a new bed and re-use crib...what is everybody doing?

Also obviously car seat and sling wrap and nb diapers which I still have. Anything else I forget but will not want to go out for when babe is here???

Hospital bag will be kept at absolute minimum, as hospital provides pretty much all but contact lens solution and am too weak to either pack or unpack in hospital.

beautifulgirls Mon 14-Sep-09 16:31:38

DD#1 was 17 months old and using a cotbed as a cot when DD#2 was born, so we bought a second hand cot bed to use for DD#2, but bought a new matress to use for it. Both used the Moses basket for a few weeks before they moved onto the cot when they were tiny. Both of them when old enough have used the cotbed as a small bed and we moved them into big beds at 3.5-4yrs old ish, infact DD#2 only just got her big bed.

Is your DC1 still in a cot, or in a small bed? You could get him a second hand cot bed as he is older now and use it as cot until you are ready then turn into a bed, meanwhile donating his old crib to the baby??

Somehow with #2 you just seem to muddle through a bit more than you did with #1 wink So long as baby can sleep somewhere and have nappies and food you'll figure out the rest as you go!
Good luck - we are 1 day apart on EDD! I am frantically trying to find stuff from 3.5years ago and replace all that I gave away too...though somehow I now have two cotbeds!

meep Mon 14-Sep-09 16:43:34

DD! was 19mo when dd2 arrived. Dd2 started in her big sisters moses basket - then we borrowed a cot (and bought new mattress). Can you use your pram for your dc2 to sleep in?

Dd1 is now 2.3yo and still in her cot - no complaints or climbing out yet.

A friend suggested not moving her until dd2 was sleeping well. Moving a toddler to their own bed is a big thing for them - so best to let them get used to teh new baby first - or you might end up with the toddler waking the baby by getting out of bed all night.

So keep everything as much the same as you can for your dc1 so that they still have some sort of normality/routine when the baby comes home.

Other than that I got all the white newborn stuff out of storage - and sorted dd1's clothes into bags/sizes, plus a bag of gender neutral clothes in case I had a boy.

Now have 2 dds and have just spent the last 2 hours sorting through all the clothes to make space in their room!

dal21 Mon 14-Sep-09 17:49:55

DS is currently 2yo and will be 2.4 when DS2 is born. I am definitely investing in another cot as he still sleeps very well in his cot and I am not bothering to disrupt him.

Aside from that, have dug out all newborn baby clothes/ moses basket etc.

My only conundrum is whether to go for a double buggy. DS is a good walker (esp if we dont take his pushchair with us), but he will have occasions where he absolutely refuses to budge until picked up. I have visions of pushing newborn/ carrying toddler and is not a happy prospect. But neither is shelling out for a double buggy we may not need.

Have decided to see how things go once baby is here.

meep Mon 14-Sep-09 18:56:59

dal21, I have found a sling for dd2 and buggy for dd1 has worked the best. I have an inherited double buggy and have hardly used it.

But - now that dd2 is getting a bit heavy for sling wearing - I may invest in a Phil & Teds!

dal21 Mon 14-Sep-09 20:05:10

Meep - I was thinking about that combo too...but am I just putting off the inevitable? As you said, you are now looking at one. I like the look of the nipper 360 double!

Comma2 Mon 14-Sep-09 21:15:16

Dd1's cot (is that a crib for us non-Uk's?) is convertible into a tiny bed, but she is really long. I wasn't planning on kicking her out of it for another 6 months or so, but then she might be ready for a toddler bed. Hm. Will sleep newborn in own bed/moses basket and see if I have an inspiration.

I too figured a wrap for nb and usual stroller for dd1...she might prefer to walk by the time her sister needs it, we are already not using it much. Or does it just seem like that?? Oh god, do not want more gigantic strollers in the house....

meep Tue 15-Sep-09 08:24:59

Before dd2 was born I thought that dd1 would walk most places. But had a dreadful experience in a shop with dd2 in her pram and a tired, grumpy dd1 refusing to walk anywhere. Had to carry her screaming from the shop under my arm and push the pram one handed!

dal21 I have a old Mothercare Urban Detour side by side double - it is really good but I wouldn't be able to get on the bus with it! That is why I think a P&T might do the job - but only if I can find a second hand one cheap enough!

Will keep going with the sling until dd2 is too heavy (which I think will be quite soon!)

Comma - here is a uk cot and here is a UK crib

Comma2 Tue 15-Sep-09 14:40:20

poor meep, I can vividly picture that. Plus, everybody staring and ducking out of the way instead of holding door open...

Well, maybe I'll see how far the wrap and sling get me, but I'll def have one mode of transportation for each baby with me when going to the shops. Nothing quite as unreliable as a toddler.

So I have a cod then. What a cute word. smile

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