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faint positive...argh

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sophie86 Mon 14-Sep-09 14:53:57

Of course I really want the BFP but it's faint and what I think was implantation was only 3 days ago. I want to get excited, I'm probably torturing myself by taking that test. It was faint and I wasn't sure if it was in the right place but I rang the manufacturers and they said it was in the right place but I should wait a couple more days.

Anyone else in the same boat?

confuseddoiordonti Mon 14-Sep-09 18:48:58

Nope, but good luck for when you do take another test (easier said than done, but try and leave it at least a week - ten days is better, as otherwise you'll become obsessed and still need to keep doing tests!)

Such a shame you can't simply tell the day after isn't it?!

Comma2 Mon 14-Sep-09 21:21:45

Haha--seriously, who hasn't been there.
I say a faint positive is just as well as a big fat one, as long as its not overactive imagination. You didn't use one of those supercheap little coated paperstrips from ebay, did you? They tend to give a faint second line when the pee dries for no reason at all. All the normal tests with plastic around should not give false positives.

TiggieWiggle Mon 14-Sep-09 21:29:41

I am going through this too. Feel pregnant (already have DD so know the signs and period late. Done 3 tests now 2 neg and one faint. Sarted bleeding a bit today so feeling a bit :-(

sophie86 is it a thin line or a fat line? When I tested a few months back and wasn't pregnant I had a thin greyish line on a cheap test strip, it was just an evaporation line. I had a faint bfp last week, the difference was that the line was pink and wide (as wide as the test line) though very faint.

Fingers crossed for you!

mumbot Tue 15-Sep-09 08:46:20

I had exactly the same experience as you; faint line, implantation bleed, then I had a few BFN's, waited a week, then got a BFP!!!

Good luck xx

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