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How often should this baby be moving?

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Tootersma Mon 14-Sep-09 08:36:59

I`m 20 weeks pregnant and first felt baby move about 2 weeks ago. I don`t think I have felt it move for 2/3 days now and I`m really starting to worry. I have my 20 week scan tomorrow afternoon so I know it`s not long to wait but just wanted to hear a few thoughts from other folks.

Ohwhatacrapmasfear Mon 14-Sep-09 09:05:46

Try not to worry, the baby may have moved into a different position making you less likely to feel it. Have you tried either drinking some ice cold water or some full fat coke - that can get the baby wriggling away.

Good luck for you scan tomorrow smile

alloveryet Mon 14-Sep-09 09:09:09

I'm 21 weeks pregnant - some days its like I have a rugby team in there, others nothing at all for what seems like days! (Normally days when I'm busy.) It was the same with the first one..........

Tootersma Mon 14-Sep-09 09:11:14

Tried the cold water thing yesterday but TBH I was getting ready for work and in a bit of a rush so didn`t have time to lie down and wait. Will try something sugary today!
Thanks again

Tootersma Wed 16-Sep-09 16:59:18

Just thought I`d update this in case anyone with similar worries reads this thread.
Went to my 20 week scan yesterday and saw we that we were expecting a perfect, healthy, wriggly little boy. Funnily enough - now my mind is at ease I can feel him moving again!

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