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TMI form the beginning but opposite of constipation

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sjbj Sun 13-Sep-09 22:10:34

Having had constipation quite a lot in the past I had prepared myself for the discomfort and back ache, thinking it would get worse in pregnancy. However I seem to have the opposite problem. I just wondered if anyone else suffers from this or if I should worry?
I eat and then a short while later HAVE to go - it does tend to be after dairy (I think) and not at every meal time.
Any experiences or advice greatfully recieved thanks.

AngelDog Tue 15-Sep-09 08:57:06

I had the same problem in the first trimester, although it is a problem I tend to have on and off anyway when not pregnant. Make sure you drink plenty of water as this flushes the system out, and if your diet is high in fibre, it pushes it out from your system. If you're prone to constipation, make sure you are eating a reasonable amount of fibre - but introduce it gradually or you will get more of the reverse problem!

I would get terrible griping pains in my abdomen for half an hour to an hour and then have to run like mad for the loo at the end. It calmed down by about 16-17 weeks (I'm now 22+5) and I've not really suffered with it since.

However, mine wasn't particularly after meals (as far as I remember) so could well have been caused by something different from yours. I'd have a word with your GP if you're worried.

TMD Tue 15-Sep-09 09:17:22

Hi I am 16 weeks thurs and have had awful constipation so every couple days goes the other way. I was totally the other way before I got preg as have wheat allergy but I have noticed dairy has made me poorly through this preg so far. Try crystalised ginger it helps to settle the digestive system. Plus totally cut out caffiene in all forms. I'm also taking vit suppliment suitable in pregnancy as due to the morning sickness which hasn't gone yet I'm not keeping alot of the good stuff down.
Oh we do put up with so much for a little monkey at the end of it that turns into a great big hormanal Ape! ( well mine only three half but stroppy with it! and i keep being told it don't get any better!wink) So why am I doing this again remind me?????grin Take care hope sysmptoms improve but if worried see your gp. xxx

firsttimetwins Tue 15-Sep-09 09:44:37

Are you on iron tablets? Mine have had the effect you're talking about on me, I was expecting the constipation too but as you say, the opposite problem has been the case. Apparently with iron tablets it can go either way.

TMD Tue 15-Sep-09 19:01:58

Hadn't thought about that actually. I'm takin pregnacare and that leaves horrid taste in my mouth? May stop them actually. I see the midwife fri so i'll ask then. xx

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