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Weight gain 10Lbs??

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Yikess Sun 13-Sep-09 21:16:47

I saw the GP this week and he told me that I was gaining too much weight which really upset me. Im 25 weeks and have gained 10lbs so far - the GP told me that up till week 20 I should gain NO weight and after that only half a pound a week until I deliver. But that would mean I only gain 10Lbs in the WHOLE pregnancy hmm. Please someone tell me he is wrong. I was so upset I came home and cried my eyes out which was stupid but I guess Im hormonal. Thanks for replies in advance!

Egg Sun 13-Sep-09 21:20:39

He is wrong.

I have never heard that before.

I think weight gain that low would only be for someone very overweight pre-pregnancy.

Have given away all my books etc but someone else will come and quote you some nicer figures.

I had fairly "low" weight gain in both pregnancies but still gained about 18lbs I think each time.

sjbj Sun 13-Sep-09 21:22:31

Hiya - I have put on a lot of weight!! I told my midwife I was worried but she's not! I read somewhere that they don't bother weighing expectant mothers anymore - I think it is an "old fashioned" concern.
Depending on if you were overweight or underweight or just right before you get pregnant the average is about 2 stone so ignore your GP!

echofalls Sun 13-Sep-09 21:24:30

he sounds like an idiot. I gained 5 stone during my pregnancy, carried a big baby lots water etc, I left hospital after the birth and had lost a little over 3 stone ... the extra 2 stone came off eventually through healthy eating and exercise.

good luck with your pregnancy and don't worry about weight gain at all

AcrylicAfternoons Sun 13-Sep-09 21:32:39

that's rubbish. All Women are different and put weight on at different times throughout their pregnancy.

I lost weight in 1st 12 weeks (due to morning sickness)

Put on about 1.5 stones between 15 and 30 weeks. But it seemed to happen v suddenly and shocked me.

Only put on 1/2 stone in last 10 weeks due to seriously reduced stomach size and heartburn.

So 2 stone in total which I think is fairly normal and considering I had a big baby. And I lost 1.5 stone of that almost immediately after giving birth

So don't worry. Your Dr is taking crap.

Issy42 Sun 13-Sep-09 23:15:41

Acccording to my book:

Underweight pre pregnancy (BMI < 19) = 28 to 40lbs;
Normal weight (BMI 19-26) = 25 to 35lbs;
Overweight (BMI 27-30) = 15 to 25lbs;
Obese (BMI > 30) = 15lbs or less.

It also says on average 1st trimester weight gain should be about 2-4lbs; 2nd trimester 12lbs; 3rd trimester 10-12lbs.

I like this book because most people say BMI above 25 is overweight but this one says above 26 and mine was 25.5 grin.

Hope that helps and angry at your doctor.

LaDiDaDi Sun 13-Sep-09 23:20:18

Well I've gained 15lbs so far at 25 weeks!

I do feel enormous and much bigger than I did first time round with dd but I know that I'm not eating junk or to excess so I'm not concerned. I did have a booking BMI of around 18 if that matters, and I met a woman the other week who had been very overweight pre-pregnancy and then only gained 4kg during pregnancy and had a 4.8 kg baby! She was lovely and said that she had just decided to eat healthily whilst pregnant for the sake of the baby.

Beanigan Mon 14-Sep-09 21:33:21

Goodness knows what your Dr would think of me! I've put on 10lbs and am only 17 weeks... I thought that was quite normal - although it's a bit more than 1st time round... I put on 30 lbs in all I think first time. I certainly didn't think that was too much and I didn't look 'overweight' just pregnant!

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