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Does tinned salmon count as an oily fish?

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VanillaIce Sun 13-Sep-09 17:26:00

Does anyone know if tinned wild red salmon counts as an oily fish? I'm hoping it's good for me to eat it but wondering if I have to limit myself to no more than twice a week, like with other oily fish.

Anyone a nutriotion expert? smile

VanillaIce Sun 13-Sep-09 17:26:37

nutrition even?

MumNWLondon Sun 13-Sep-09 23:25:49

I am not nutrition expert but.... understand risk is pollutants - however oily fish (omega 3) very good for pregnancy. can't see why canned salmon would have less pollutants than other salmon so probably limit applies - interesting though if you read food standards website no point in cutting down in pregnancy because if you were eating more than before it stays in your body for years.

i eat tuna sandwiches for lunch 3 times a week and had hair tested before i got pregnant for toxic metals and it was normal despite the sandwiches, so probably not something to stress about.

i know tinned tuna doesn't count as oily fish (in terms of good omega 3 oils) because oil lost in canning process, but i think canned salmon good source.

yummyspottyblueberry Mon 14-Sep-09 00:02:32

It's the mercury levels. Although Tuna counts Mum NWL, you have to eat 3+ cans a week. Fresh tuna/Swordfish/marlin etc are worse.

Salmon, tinned included is an excellent source Vanilla Ice (and thanks for getting me singing your theme tune all night btw wink)

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