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First pregnancy but also have RA - it doesn't feel real!

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Jayfer Sun 13-Sep-09 13:39:11

I'm about 8 or 9 weeks pregnant with my first. I've also had RA for the past 11years. I'm 26yrs old. I'm not getting lots of symptoms only nausea which can be sorted by eating something and I've had period type pain for the past few weeks but thats even going off now.
It doesn't feel very real at the moment. Is that a 'normal' feeling?
With the RA I'm only allowed to take steroids to control it but I'm a bit worried I'm going to have an elephant baby!
Also we're off to our booking appt with the midwife in a couple of weeks. Can I ask to hear the heartbeat so it seems more real?

Sorry lots of questions!!

trellism Sun 13-Sep-09 14:04:52

Sounds completely normal. I'm 34+ and it still doesn't feel real. I had very few symptoms either, just a bit nauseous now and then and period pain like you describe.

The midwife almost definitely won't be able to hear the heartbeat at 10-11 weeks but it might be worth asking for an early scan given your health problems.

I don't know anything about steroids in pregnancy - I do take betamethasone inhalers but they're not remotely in the same league.

Good luck and try to enjoy it.

MumNWLondon Sun 13-Sep-09 16:33:30

I'm also 8 weeks, and my only symptom is mild nausea (which is worse in afternoon/evening)and is helped by eating but haven't been sick or even felt that I am going to be - also had the period type pains which i assume is just uterus expanding. Yes it also doesn't feel real even though its #3 only felt real in previous pregnancy at first scan.

Sorry don't know anything about RA... re: booking appointment, I also have mine in a couple of weeks - DH is not going to come as from previous experience they just take details, eg check you have suitable accommodation, check you are happy about pregnancy etc, maybe do some blood tests and explain about the care they offer at the hospital.

They can't hear the heartbeat with the doppler until around 16 weeks, and midwife certainly will not try before 14 weeks as it would worry you if she couldn't find it. I have a nuchal scan (on NHS) at 13 weeks, so will see or hear heartbeat then (I hope!) - because of your health problems you should insist on scan at 11-13 weeks.

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