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I am sooooo itchy!

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PrammyMammy Sun 13-Sep-09 13:08:16

Under my finger nails/ toe nails. Between fingers and toes. Soles and palms. MY WRISTS! Inside my thighs, my full bump and round my hips. Up my spine, my neck, my ankles. It is going to drive me crazy. I've never been itchy under my nails before. Behind my knees are sore from scratching, my wrists feel like i have feathery bangles on or something. It feels like i have spiders crawling over me.
Due on Tuesday. Anyone experienced this?

AllThreeWays Sun 13-Sep-09 13:15:03

I did, it was awful. I seem to remember bathing in Pinetarsol (do you have that?) worked. Maybe bicarb would work too.
I was working in a pet shop at the time and went to the doctor thinking I had sarcoptic mange mite, he just gave me nasty chemicals to bath in.
Went to my ob/gyn a week later and he just laughed at me and said it was just pregnancy itch and I could have saved my money

PrammyMammy Sun 13-Sep-09 13:26:39

Pregnancy itch! Argh, never heard of that one lol. It is horrible.

puffylovett Sun 13-Sep-09 13:27:54

Ring your midwife, itching - particularly on the soles of the feet and palms - can be a sign of obstetric cholestasis.

Tomatefarcie Sun 13-Sep-09 13:34:13

Had OC during my last pregnancy, and your post reminds me of that.

How long has it been going on for?

Def talk to your midwife about it.

TMI question but are your wee and poo the same colour as usual? OC will make you wee bright orange and poo whitish. Worth checking as this condition can be very dangerous for you and the baby.

(don't want to alarm you though, but it needs checking)

PrammyMammy Sun 13-Sep-09 13:47:33

It has been about 2 weeks, but only in bed.
Yesterday and last night it was all over, and today it is horrible. It is irritating to even type.
I was started on iron tablets just over a week ago, so poo is dark. Wee is pretty orange though. Lovely.

In saying that, could it be a side effect from the iron? I don't see my midwife until Thursday, but am due on Tuesday.

Filmbuffmum Sun 13-Sep-09 13:50:34

Have also had OC in both pregnancies (I am being induced at 38 weeks next Thursday due to this). Don't panic too much- it can come on very quickly, but is very manageable. I would go to the surgery tomorrow and ask your midwife or doctor to do a liver function test, and a bile acid test, and see for more info. If you are due on Tuesday, they may just give you some drugs to keep the bile acid levels down, and do some regular monitoring of your baby. It is a bit stressful, but went away almost immediately after delivery, so hopefully not too long now! Good luck.

lou4791 Mon 14-Sep-09 14:26:19

I'm suffering with this too at the moment. Had terible itching especially palms and soles for a couple of weeks, and dread night times when it's worse.Went to the hospital last week for blood tests but they came back as normal. definately go and get tested as the other ladies have said, just in case.

TitchyWitch Mon 14-Sep-09 14:41:00

Please please please call your midwife as soon as possible, particularly if you have a headache or any problem with your vision. Cholestasis can be serious and can be a sign of other conditions as well. Lou4791, have they asked you to go back again a week later? If not then you should contact them again if you are still itching as the itching can come on before any changes in your blood tests.

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