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Very low placenta in late preg??

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EasyEggs Sun 13-Sep-09 11:18:05

I had a scan yesterday which was a private 4D and well being scan. I was told I had a very low placenta for this gestation, I'm now 30+5.

She said it wasn't previa but only just out of the way.

I have been booked a scan for 34wks at local hospital to see if it moves at all.

Now I'm just wondering what this means in terms of delivery? If it isn't previa but is still really low will I still be able to have natural delivery and what would be the implications?

All advice/experiences appreciated smile

mummy2t Sun 13-Sep-09 11:59:07

at my 20 week scan i had a low lying ( not Previa) placenta but by 34 weeks it had moved enough for normal delivery, which i had. not sure if you would be allowed a normal delivery or not as there is risk of plancenta coming before baby. hopefully someone will be along with more info. there is still time for it to more, fingers crossed xxx

Southwind Sun 13-Sep-09 13:44:20

Hi EasyEggs

I have a scan at 36 weeks next friday to see if my low lying (not previa) placenta has moved, the hospital told me they wait till 34/36 weeks to give it the best chance of moving away so you might find by then yours would have moved too smile I was told the consultant would discuss options with me after the scan but at this point I do not know how they base their decisions.

Hope everything turns out OK for you x

bevlin Sun 13-Sep-09 14:12:10

I had Placaenta previa but at the last minute, maybe 34 weeks they thought it had moved out of the way enough. They let me go into labour and I was all set for a natural birth but a small piece was still slightly over and causing a little bleeding so to be on the safe side I was sent for a c-section which was absolutely fine.
Bare in mind I had actual placenta previa at your stage and it still moved almost out of the way, there's every chance you will be fine as they do stratch out of the way the more your womb grows so don't worry about it. I had a lot of bleeding throughout preg because of previa so you have a better chance than me and I almost made it to the delivery suite! smile

EasyEggs Sun 13-Sep-09 20:20:31

Thanks for the info smile

South I hope things are ok at your scan next week, have fingers crossed for you, please come back and let me know what happens if that's ok?

bevlin Sorry it ended up as a section but I suppose that's to be on the safe side with all the bleeding etc. I am just so nervous that after having 4 other "normal" deliveries I am going to end up wit a section for the last bubba!! I have an irrational fear of sections hmm

But as you say more than likely things will be fine grin

Thanks again

bevlin Mon 14-Sep-09 15:04:51

Let me describe a c-section...
I was wheeled into a room of about 12 smiling faces with radio on and chatting like they were in the office, Im sure they were discussing corrie from the night before (this was an emergency).
I was injected in the spine, tense as hell expecting unbelievable pain then she said, ok lie down (felt nothing).
Cheery irish man with funky head scarf stood blethering over me to very nervous hubby about football. My midwife and a few doctors were at the bottom of the bed 'doing stuff' no idea what, I couldn't see for screen.
Before I could think, when's the section starting, cheery Irish man said "right, are you ready to be a mummy, stand up Daddy you need to see this and tell us all the sex".
As if by magic a screaming baby boy was lifted in the air from somewhere, could have been a box under the bed!
DH and DS were taken next door where apparently DS peed on the doc then was quickly checked infront of DH, wrapped like a wee mummy (he was under 6lb)and brought back to me within what seemed like seconds and apparently their work was done.....I was wheeled out again without time to say thankyou and my new healthy baby breast feeding.
What are you worried about?

EasyEggs Mon 14-Sep-09 20:27:26

WOW Bevlin you make it sound almost like a dream!!

Thing I@m most worried about is the needle in back senario, I am a big baby about things like that. Oh and the recovery more than anything. Not sure how I'd cope with looking after NB, ds 13m and dd2 after dp goes back to work?

How long before you were "back to normal?"

Southwind Fri 18-Sep-09 12:04:16

Easyeggs !

Had scan this morning and my placenta has moved up just enough out of the way so I can have a Vag birth grin

No reason why yours wont budge either, when is your scan? 2 weeks time now?

EasyEggs Fri 18-Sep-09 13:49:54

South that's FAB news!! So glad it was all ok. Mine is in 3wks, 8th Oct.

Have fingers well and truly crossed, although dp thinks I'm mad to want it to have moved when I could "have a baby without the pain" He is such a man hmm lol

Thanks for letting me know smile I shall report back here on the 8th!

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