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Faint and dizzy

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turtle23 Sun 13-Sep-09 08:04:37

I am sure I am fine...just want reassurance, really. All morning I have been feeling very dizzy and faint. (30 weeks today) Suddenly occurred to me to test BP as have home tester and usually have quite low BP. It was 101/60(Did other arm for kicks and it was 102/60). Am assuming this is the reason for feeling funny, but also assuming that if I bother anyone they will tell me to be grateful I dont have high BP...what do you think?

katster37 Sun 13-Sep-09 10:13:50

Hi turtle. I have had low-ish BP throughout too - yesterday it was a bit better at 110/68 - but have also had a lot of dizzy/fainty episodes. I think it is the bottom number which dictates how fainty you feel as the top number can change a bit throughout the day, and 60 is pretty low. Is your blood sugar ok? Mine drops v quickly so when I feel crap, I generally have a biscuit and lie down for 10 mins.
I hope you're ok and that you are feeling happier than the other week. smile x

Issy42 Sun 13-Sep-09 22:55:54

Hi turtle. Last time I saw midwife (5 weeks ago @ 17 weeks) BP was 90/58 and had been feeling really dizzy, esp. in the shower and standing in supermarket queue. She told me not to worry - just something that happens in pregnancy - and there was nothing I could do about it, other than eat before I did things where I might feel dizzy. It seems to have got better over the last 5 weeks though not completely gone away - think that's helped by stress associated with trying to choose everything to buy for baby grin.

I did ask whether exercise would help as had been avoiding it because of dizziness and she said it might but should always have someone with me just in case. I found that keeping the window slightly ajar when in the shower seems to help and that constantly shifting weight from one foot to the other helps if I do get stuck in a situation where I can't sit down. Also a friend of mine who's a nurse said apple juice is great for a quick blood sugar boost.

Hope it's just a temporary dip for you.

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