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Wilkiepedia Sun 13-Sep-09 08:02:16

Just had to let you pregnant ladies know of my experience. Here is my original thread about my horrific rash which ended up being diagnosed as PUPPPs.

Anyway, it eventually disappeared after 4 weeks of utter hell - I nearly went mad. DS2 is now 13 weeks old and haven't had any further problems. I had a bath the other night, had no other moisturiser to use than the Palmers Stretch Mark Cream (new product they've brought out) I used around the time the rash started. I put it on my legs - lo and behold 2 days later I am covered in a horrific itchy rash again - mainly on legs but creeping up tummy and arms. Have researched on internet and it appears that quite a few people have found this product triggered an allergic reaction.

Just a thought - not trying to do Palmers out of business as I love their original cocoa butter but thought I would warn you about my experience as it was so horrendous.

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