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pain in c-section scar

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Deeeja Sun 13-Sep-09 02:41:35

I am 38 weeks pregnant. I had 2 c-sections before my previous v-bac which was almost 3 years ago.
During the last couple of days I have been getting a bit of pain just around the old c-s scar. The last time I had a c-s was 4.5 years ago, after that I had a v-bac. I had no problems with previous pregnancy or birth. So I find it odd that I am getting this dull pain around the scar this pregnancy.
Has anyone else had problems with old c-s scar in subsequent pregnancies. Should I be worried, should I mention it to the obstetrician, considering they are quite keen to push me towards another el c-s, am just about holding them off. Will it pass? I am a little worried, but equally don't want another c-s if do not need it.

jabberwocky Sun 13-Sep-09 03:05:25

It's probably just scar tissue stretching but I would at least mention it. The only way your docs can take the best care of you is if they know everything that is going on.

Deeeja Sun 13-Sep-09 03:12:51

I know you are right, am awak with the worry now and trying to find info on the net.
I have an appointment on Wed, sp will mention it then. Have scared myself silly with google now anyway.
Thanks for reply.

jabberwocky Sun 13-Sep-09 03:30:59

Google can scare you! It's really probably fine, Do you have an on-call midwife who could reassure you in the meantime?

bevlin Sun 13-Sep-09 14:31:27

I would just metion it and maybe they will organise another scan to see if the placenta is covering any of it.

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