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Parenting clubs such as Boots

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Thingiebob Sat 12-Sep-09 17:15:53

On recommendation from friends and family, I joined some parenting clubs, Boots, Tesco and Bounty about 13 weeks ago.

Haven't heard anything - not even an email.

I wondered if anybody else has joined up and received anything? Also if anyone has any recommendations as to the best clubs.

ElectricElephant Sat 12-Sep-09 17:18:10

when are you due? Boots were always very good at contacting me, maybe send off another application?

Thingiebob Sat 12-Sep-09 17:27:52

due early Jan - I did the application online and have checked and am def signed up!
Thanks for replying.

GuernseyFrench Sat 12-Sep-09 19:58:41

Stupid thought but have you make sure you you agreed to receive email/post from them?
I'm asking because that's what I did when I register with Boots!!

Thingiebob Sat 12-Sep-09 22:25:48

Er... Not a stupid thought at all. I will double check that!

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