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Pregnancy sac but nothing else.!!

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gemma23x Fri 11-Sep-09 23:10:40

I found out 3 weeks ago i was pregnant, after suffering a miscarriage last year the midwife seen me straight away and booked me in for a scan a week later as i wasn't sure of my dates (went on hol in july and took tabs to stop period.. typical!)
First scan we seen pregnancy sac but nothing else (same with internal), got bloods taken and after coming back at 15500 they called me back in two days later as they said they would have expected too see more at such high levels. Again the next scan showed nothing else different (also with an internal one) .. had more bloods and they came back at 17000 which they said they should be rising by atleast 60%.
So a week later and yet another scan showed nothing although internal showed two lines which doc said COULD be the start of the yolk sac forming.. again had more bloods taken which came back at 22000... now awaiting 4th scan which is next thursday!
Any ideas or help would be great !!


daniwalkes Sat 12-Sep-09 07:55:24

Hi, i've got a very similar problem myself. i found out i was pregnant last Friday believing i must be around 5 weeks and therefore 6 weeks this week. i went for an early scan yesterday and they said they could only see the gestation sac and nothing else which would either indicate that its not forming and i may miscarry or that im much too early to date and therefore wouldn't see anything else anyway.
I've got to go back in 10days to be rescanned and its horrible waiting. i was so upset yesterday but hearing other peoples storied they have kind of put me rest a bit.
It's so unfair that its just a waiting game!
How many weeks do you think you are?

gemma23x Sat 12-Sep-09 10:35:43

Yes i got told the same thing that i could miscarry but i haven't had any cramping or bleeding at all. They were also concerned about ectopic... it gets so confusing with all the different reasons etc.
Yeah its horrible having to sit and wait, especially being stuck in as i'm scared to go out far or for too long incase anything was too happen.
Well with them saying i could be earlier on than i thought i was am sayin maybe around 6+ weeks.
Although i was sure i was further on than that!
Thanks for sharing your story.

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