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early scan, couldn't see Yolk sac and very worried!

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daniwalkes Fri 11-Sep-09 13:16:44

Hi, i went for an early scan this morning as had very had cramps and some very slight spotting. They said all they can see is the gestation sac but as yet there is not yolk sac which could mean it's just very early or that its not developed.
We're not sure on my dates anyway as i have very long period and breaks inbetween so therefore not sure when i actually ovulated.

I'm booked in for another scan a week on Monday but i don't know what to think.i would have though they could have seen the yolk sac by now. we think i should be around 4/5 weeks so im guessing this is just really bad news.

has anyone had the same sort of this and things have been ok?

Im really sad and finding it hard to keep positive, i guess its just a waiting game!

mummy2t Fri 11-Sep-09 13:43:57

4/5 weeks is very early. i had my earliest scan at 6 weeks and they could only just see little bubba. try and stay positive but like you say it is a waiting game. good luck xx

rebeccacad Fri 11-Sep-09 13:47:56

Hi I had a scan at 4 weeks 2 days - not realising I was that early. They couldn't see anything - not even the gestation sac and obviously I was terrified.

They did take my blood that day and then 2 days later to check that hormone levels had doubled and they had. Did they do this for you?

I was on holiday for 3 weeks and by the time I had my next scan at 7+2 I saw everything and am now 15 weeks.

Don't worry 4/5 weeks is very early to see anything at all.

memorylapse Fri 11-Sep-09 14:05:11

4/5 weeks is too early to much apart from a sac..the next thing to appear is the yolk sac which doesnt usually apear..I beleive until around half way through the 5th week..I had a scan last friday at bang on 5 weeks..and only saw a Ive been re scanned and saw a sac, yolk sac..and a heartbeat..a lot can change in aweek..Id say at 4-5 weks..a sac is about the norm to see.
Did they take bloods from you?

daniwalkes Fri 11-Sep-09 14:15:10

hi, thank you all so much for these replies, it really helps becuase if im honest they don't really tell you much at the hospital!
they didn't take any bloods which i thought was weird too.

memorylapse Fri 11-Sep-09 14:19:30

The fact that they didnt take a any bloods means they are probably happy its an early intra unterine pregnancy.they took bloods from me as they were concerned it was ectopic.they shedule you for re scan because they will look to see a lot more on the scan in 10 dayssmile

monkeymission3 Fri 11-Sep-09 19:19:03

I have had an almost identical experience 6 years ago with my DD. We were scanned at 5weeks and they told us that it was an empty sac and to go home and wait to miscarry or they could book me in for a D & C that afternoon.....My husband being a doctor was very pushy and asked what were the chances of this being a normal uterine pregnancy but earlier than expected. We were told by the ob reg that she was 99% sure. We were pretty devestated at this point and opted to go home and wait. two very sad and anxious weeks later with no sign of any bleeding we returned and were greeted with a very happy bean in there. PLEASE, PLEASE try not to worry yourself - it is so common to not see a yolk sac even in week 5. Do give it time and wait until the re-scan. they do get it so wrong sometimes.....I hate to think that we may have agreed to the D & C to kick start my next cycle as they suggested. good luck for your scan x

daniwalkes Sat 12-Sep-09 07:28:55

hi monkeymaission, thats such a scary story. i've heard of similar things before and it just makes you think! i guess i a way im lucky, she said that had they have been sure on my dates then she would probably say it looks like im going to miscarry but it's still possible that it was just too early. one of the other things that did worry my was she said my uterus was 'normal' and by this stage she would be expect it to be 'thinkened' is that something to worry about?

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