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Severe "night chills" - anyone else?

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QTPie Thu 10-Sep-09 11:22:43

Ok, this is a wierd one...

Have NEVER had it before, but have now had it twice in second tri (last night and almost 4 weeks ago exactly) - both followed very similar pattern:
- was asleep in bed.
- woke up middle of the night, felt a little cool, but not ridicilously cold, needed the toilet.
- got out of bed and went to the bathroom.
- before I got to the bathroom, I started shivering, the shivering became more and more violent and I felt EXTREMELY cold (no other symptoms - no dizziness, no "jelly legs" nothing...).
- went to the loo, run back into bed with uncontrollable shivering, then proceed to use husband's whole body to heat my whole body.
- feel absolutely "cold to the core" (brain feels cold, heart feels cold, everything feels cold). Husband says that I don't feel hot (doesn't feel like I have a fever or anything). I just feel like I cannot warm my own body (like my blood wont carry any warmth) or get warm (touching his body gives me a warm, tinglely, slightly burning sensation).
- still shaking/shivering for a good 30/60+ minutes.
- within 2 hours, back to normal (went to the loo again 2 hours later, was fine ).

Baby is fine - was kicking up a storm afterwards (am not suprised...). Took temperature this morning (when I got up) - 98.6...

When I first had it (4 weeks ago), I dismissed it as a freak event: maybe developing a cold or something that I fought off rapidly in one nasty go... The fact that it happened again, last night, seems to suggest differently...

I don't think it was PARTICULARLY cold last night (it certainly wasn't 4 weeks ago - it was a fairly warm night) and I have been a in a LOT colder! We regularly ski in USA/Canada and I have quite a lot of experience below -30'C....

I did various goggle searches and it doesn't seem to be a recognised symptom of pregnancy or low blood pressure (my pregnancy blood pressure is about 90/60, was wondering if that could be a cause...) or taking baby aspirin (which I have been perscribed).

I would really like to prevent this happening - as Winter progresses, would seem likely that it could happen a LOT more . And also look for ways to try to stop it as soon as possible - if husband wasn't there, goodness only knows what I would do (probably run on the spot or take a warm shower ).

I have an emergency GP appointment this morning (hands still a little numbish, head feels a little funny too). I am seeing my Obstetrician on Monday (for the first time) and this will be on the list to talk through with her. But, in the mean time, was wondering if anyone here at any similar experiences?


Dragonfly73 Thu 10-Sep-09 11:30:28

thyroid perhaps?

Might be worth asking for a Thyroid function Test at the GP's.

I have low blood pressure too. Have passed out twice because of it. I also go through periods where i am so incredibly cold that nothing seems to warm me up. The day before yesterday it was 27 degrees here in london and i am in tracksuit with my husbands big hoodie jacket on cause i could not get warm. My GP sent me for blood tests yesterday to check my thyroid. Getting the results in about 7 days.

hobnob57 Thu 10-Sep-09 22:35:14

I was incredibly cold and prone to violent shivering from the onset of my current pg in Feb until it actually started warming up this summer. I was carrying round the woolliest cardi I could find with me everywhere and just never seemed to warm up ever! Others have said that they have suffered similarly too.

zippy539 Thu 10-Sep-09 22:47:31

I had it first trimester with my first. Absolutely bloody freezing all the time - any spare minute I got I was wrapped in a duvet. I put it down to my body working extra hard and diverting all available energy away from non-essential tasks (ie the task of keeping me warm).

Momdeguerre Fri 11-Sep-09 15:51:23

I had this a few times in my last pg - I am a 'cold' person anyway - always whinging about being freezing but I had a couple of episodes just like this where I had sudden 'freezing attacks' in the middle of the night.

I spoke to my brother who is, handily, a Dr and he said it i probably related to blood pressure (mine is also always low) and blood sugar - baby taking blood sugar all the time might lead to a sudden inequality hence shivering etc. Other than that he said it could just be due to changes in circulation and sleeping more havily - eg not moving about and therfore just getting colder.

QTPie Fri 11-Sep-09 16:13:05

Thanks very much everyone - I was beginning to think that I was alone in this (I have serached google and had little luck in finding anything relating "night chills" - or severe shivering - to pregnancy). It obviously isn't a common symptom and is pretty darn frightening really... (at the time).

I saw the (emergency) GP yesterday and she seemed pretty mystified... her main thought is that it is a high temperature brought on by infection (most probably UTI). I am not HUGELY convinced because of it's sudden appearance and sudden disappearance (been, violent, gone within two hours...). BUT I have to pee into a pot (seems the standard answer to everything in pregnancy) and see what the lab says. No other tests ordered at this time.

She did take my temp (which I had already taken) and it was normal. She also took my BP and I am optimal/lowish (but not worrying low - something like 105/65 I think). Will see if the urine test picks up anything (I have no other symptoms of a UTI), if it doesn't then her answer is "wait until it happens again and they will run more tests" ). She has told me to keep a thermometer (to check my teperature if it happens again) and some paracetamol by the bed.

I see my Consultant Ostetrician (for the first time) on Monday and this will be on the list to discuss... maybe she can shed more light.

To be honest, I am not normally a "cold" person. I am not a particularly hot person. HOWEVER I do have circulation problems when skiing (just to my fingers and toes). I have boot heaters on my ski boots and - when temperatures drop below about -10'C - I do tend to pile on the glove liners and chemical hand warmer. The rest of me (my core, head and limbs) never gets cold ridiculously cold, though... So there MAY be something in that.

I am definitely moving LESS in bed than before pregnancy (even though I am only just about 20 weeks). I don't get on with body pillows (too restrictive), but still find that I am not moving as much as before (more effort to move and get confortable). So that seems like an idea...

To be honest I am now DREADING the Winter: it really ISN'T cold at the moment - surely this will only get worse as it gets colder.. sad. I can't see it NOT happening again...

I can see an expensive heating bill and an unhappy husband this Winter (not because of the bill but because he hates sleeping in warm rooms...).


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