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Discharge on and off with occasional blood?

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ilovemywellies Wed 09-Sep-09 22:24:37

Hi Ladies,
I've seen some threads on here before about brown discharge in early pregnancy, and I know that it combined with bleeding can be a sign of miscarriage, or can be fine.

A week ago I had a small amount of fresh blood, and then brown discharge on and off for a week. I've had cramping all through my pregnancy so far (even at 2 weeks!). I had a scan on Monday and the baby had a heartbeat, which was great news. Today the brown became a little flecked with red again, (but just a little).

Has anyone else had a combination of brown and red discharge on and off at the beginning of their pregnancy and made it through?

It's my first and I don't want to be hassling the midwife, but trying to work out when to be worried and when not?! I'm only 7 weeks.

Any advice would be encouraging!
thanks ladies x

joesgirl Thu 10-Sep-09 08:46:03

Hi ilovemywellies

Unfortunately I cannot offer a success story yet, but I certainly hope so and wish you all the best! A heartbeat is certainly a good sign. I have the same grey/brown discharge, now since Sunday night, today for the first time with fresh red blood. It is nerve-wrecking! I understand that the chances are 50/50, and I also know some friends who had bleeding and made it all the way through.

Unless you experience any pain or heavy bleeding, I guess I would wait and see and have another scan around week 10, if I were you.

Good luck to you!

maybebaby23 Thu 10-Sep-09 09:39:19

I had the same thing with DD1 and it turned out to be a cervical erosion, baby was absolutely fine. Now pregnant with DD2 and at 10 weeks suddenly had quite a lot of fresh blood. It is so scary. Had a scan where they saw a small clot or something just below the placenta, a sub chorionic bleed. This cleared up and baby is ok thankfully

Did they notice anything on the scan, like where the bleeding may be coming from? If not, could be a cervical erosion as baby seems to be fine? Hope all is well, good luck.

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