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Single Umbilical Artery - experience of childbirth?

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fiziwizzle Wed 09-Sep-09 15:44:11

I've just found that my baby has a SUA and I'm trying very hard not to worry about it as nothing else untoward was found during the scan.

However I wondered if this will impact on my birthing choices at all? I am planning to give birth at home but I'm aware that they only 'allow' HBs for problem-free pregnancies. Does anyone know if this is considered a pregnancy problem?!

Anyone with experience of SUA, advice gratefully received.

Neeko Wed 09-Sep-09 20:04:52

MY DD had this although it wasn't discovered until after she was born. I had a hospital birth so can't help you on that score. I can say that hospital weren't overly concerned about DD other than checking that she had wet nappies and scanning kidneys when she was a week old. All fine, DD has had no problems and is now almost 3. Try not to worry and remember if they insist on a hospital birth it's for the right reasons.

bevlin Wed 09-Sep-09 20:17:46

I had different problems but you have to come under low risk for home births as I wanted one too and wasn't allowed one. Im glad they insisted because not long into the labour I started to heomorage blood and was it not for being minutes away from the operating table, It may have been a very bleak outcome. I, and my DS were fine. If they tell you it's not a good idea - go with it, they have plenty experience of the things that can go wrong.
It wasn't so bad in hospital either, I felt safe and in good hands once everything kicked off. Im not anti home birth, far from it, id love one this time but as I say, I think their advice is worth taking.
You may still be low risk though. x

fiziwizzle Thu 10-Sep-09 13:25:53

Thanks. I've become rather fixated on a home birth but of course would have it in hosp if that's what they recommend.

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