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Maybe I might get baby No 3!!!

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SPARKLER1 Thu 02-Jun-05 17:22:42

After posting a while back saying that I would be quite keen on having a third child and that DH was totally against the idea it looks like things have changed a little.
DH has just spent a week abroad alone and has come back and told me that that he had a lot of thinking time while he was over there and that he isn't 100% against having another child. It isn't a definite yes but certainly a step in the right direction for me.
He told me that his reasons for not wanting anymore were more about him: getting time back for himself and us as a couple, expense was another issue but not the be all and end all. He said he has thought a lot about how dds would be with another child in the house and how I would cope (found it hard not being able to give dd1 the attention I had done when dd2 was born, am also being treated for depression at the moment). He also said that we have room in the house for another. We are trying to move to America so timing isn't perfect at the moment anyway.
I have such mixed emotions right now.

SPARKLER1 Thu 02-Jun-05 17:44:22


Newbarnsleygirl Thu 02-Jun-05 17:44:58

Awwww, thats great!

SPARKLER1 Thu 02-Jun-05 17:45:35

I hope so - eeeek!

Gwenick Thu 02-Jun-05 17:46:06

Oh that's lovely news, even if the timing isn't right 'now' at least it sounds like you're now in a position that when a 'better' time comes along you can start TTC

Hoping from a similar reponse from my DH in about 2yrs time!!

SPARKLER1 Thu 02-Jun-05 17:46:43

It feels so strange - as I was trying to get myself focused on the fact that I would never have anymore.

Merlin Thu 02-Jun-05 17:49:21

Wow Sparkler that's definitely a step in the right direction. I'm really pleased for you - I could see how much you enjoyed cuddling the babies the other night. Just go gentle with him ......!!

rodeo1 Thu 02-Jun-05 18:36:36

Aw Sparkler!

I was thinking about having no 3 alot and dp wasn't keen, and in Jan I said to dp 'so is this it then? are we just going to have the 2 because if we are then I want to get used to the idea' And he did a u-turn and said 'if you want to have a 3rd I do too'!!!!!! Wow I couldn't believe it! 1 month later I conceived and I'm due in Nov!

Loads of luck for the future! x x x

SPARKLER1 Fri 03-Jun-05 08:31:43

Thanks everyone. Congratulations Rodeo!
Yes Merlin I certainly did enjoy those cuddles - those babies are gorgeous.

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