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ok...please help me interpret my early scan result letter....

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boodleboot Tue 08-Sep-09 18:56:04

so i have been sent for an early scan following pain in my left side to rule out ectopic and also to confirm dates....this wasn't strictly necessary as i am sure of dates...LMP 26th July but GP said to put unsure of dates to ensure scan given immediately. Scan showed inconclusive results according to the sonographer. she said she could see 3mm dot what could possibly be a four week sac {which would totally tally up with when i think i conceived} but she said it was too early to say for sure what was happening... she identified a cyst on my left ovary which she said was sign of early preg as is my thickened uterus. She really was very non commital in typical hospital fashion and reluctant to show any pic for any length. she pointed to a black dot which she said was possibly the four week sac....when i saw the doctor for internal examination {vile...}he seemed to not be worried at all about ectopic. He showed us all the photos she had taken and it seemed to both of us independedtly that there was more than one dot...Anyway cutting to the chase.....he sent me off to wait for bloods to be taken again on thurs morning to check HCG levels are growing in line with preg and gave me letter incase of emergency explaining situation. i, of course opened letter and sis pointed out the following as being strange...

'...and there are two small echolucent areas of 3mm. These may represent a very early gestation sac.....'

why is this in the plural?? Does this most likely mean it is a twin pregnancy?

anyone have experience to share or opinion i would really appreciate it....

tutu100 Tue 08-Sep-09 19:01:10

I had a suspected ectopic preg with ds1. Scan was inconclusive as they counldn't see anything in my womb but the thickened lining indicated I was pregnant. I did have a large mass which they couldn't work out if it was a cyst on the ovary or a blockage in the fallopian tube. I had my bloods taken every 2 days to check hcg levels and then I was scaned weekly for 2 weeks until they saw a heartbeat.

Everything sounds as normal as it can do at this stage, but I'm afraid I still can't help you with the echolucent areas.

boodleboot Tue 08-Sep-09 19:05:45

the midwife explained that echolucent just means areas that were picked up by the sound waves....its more the two and the these of the above sentance that i think are baffling me....leads me to think that there are two separate sacs....

ZippysMum Tue 08-Sep-09 19:14:04

Hi boodle,

I guess it could be very early twin pregnancy, though I expect they would be reluctant to identify as such at this stage because it is not at all uncommon to lose one twin up to 10 weeks or so.

Sometimes (rarely) an ectopic pregnancy can have what they call a 'pseudo sac' that appears in the womb. I don't know whether you can have more than one of these.

As you are so early on, I guess they really can't say what is going on - hence the HcG tests, which will give them a better idea. I expect they'll also have you back for another scan in a couple of weeks.

boodleboot Wed 09-Sep-09 17:18:15

i just don't think it can be an ectopic. it doesn't feel like that now.... my LMP was definitely 26th July - its on calendar

would it be right to be showing a 4week gestational sac now tho? should it not have been a heartbeat as it is 6weeks from LMP. Does the sonographer measurements measure from date of conception not LMP?

i mean i definitely didnt conceive until i reckon earliest would be day 10 of cycle....could i have just ovulated really late instead and that is why its only 4 week sac? or is it right on track?

i am so confused....

tink08 Wed 09-Sep-09 20:38:09

i had early scans due to previous mc's and up until i was 8 weeks they kept saying i was only 4 weeks even tho i knew i was further on and i got worried as there was nothing except a small sack and then on the 8th week there was baby and heartbeat as if she magically appeared smile
don't worry x x

boodleboot Wed 09-Sep-09 20:44:17

thank you tink. you have just reduced me to tears....good tears tho... i just want this baby so much...its like after MC your innocence has been lost and you see danger at every point where before you would have been oblivious...i guess ignorance really is bliss...

fingers crossed for my HCG levels rising.


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