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When did you start to feel better? Now 11 weeks and even more tired than the first time.

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BumptiousandBustly Tue 08-Sep-09 18:07:29

Everyone said your second pregnancy was different, they didn't say it would be even harder.

I think last time I didn't start feeling better till 14+ weeks. I can't cope till then, I have a toddler and am spending much of my time crying with exhaustion.

Please tell me when you started to feel better.

dal21 Tue 08-Sep-09 18:14:18

Hi - firstly congrats on your pregnancy. Secondly sympathies, I was where you were not too long ago.

My energy levels lifted at 13/14 weeks, am now 21 weeks and the last 7 weeks have been fantastic!

I would advise three things.

1) If your toddler still takes a lunchtime nap, use the time to get your zzz's. I did religiously. And on the weekends, DH took DS out swimming so I had some peace and quiet for a few hours...

2) Use the tv to help entertain your toddler and use the opportunity to get some rest. A few weeks of a little more tv wont hurt them

3) They should be doing your bloods soon, so make sure your iron levels are at a good level. Also - if you think your tiredness is at a ridiculous level, get to your GP and have your urine checked. I had a phase of ridiculously low energy and it turned out I had a UTI (with none of the obvious symptoms)

Hang in there! It gets easier I promise you, only a few more weeks to go until you feel more human. <Hugs>

bevlin Tue 08-Sep-09 19:33:08

Im the same. Now 23 weeks and feel great. I was so tierd, a lot more than last time, a bit more sick and just hated every minute. It lifted about 13/14 weeks. I love it now.

BumptiousandBustly Wed 09-Sep-09 09:46:26


Thankyou very much, I am so happy but so unhappy at the same time.

I am 11 weeks, so at least another two/three weeks to go! AAARRRGG.

Re your good suggestions:

1. Not only am I resting when DS rests, I am going back to bed until DH leaves for work as well!!

2. Good point about the TV, I feel really guilty somehow if he is watching it for my benefit rather than his, but will have to get over that for the next few weeks.

3. Am going to make doctors appointment today as this is beyong stupid. yesterday I slept for 9 hours at night, 2.5 hours in the morning and was still exhausted all day!


Interesting that you were much more tired in your second pregnancy too - I really thought this one might be easier blush. Oh well, on we go.

KEMELL Sun 03-Jul-11 00:31:42

I had no energy until 28 weeks!

lolajane2009 Sun 03-Jul-11 01:24:19

about 20 weeks i think. now 29 + 2 and feeling great

Crosshair Sun 03-Jul-11 11:32:13

I still feel poo at 14 weeks. Cant wait to feel normal again. smile

shipsladyg Sun 03-Jul-11 20:05:50

I'm on preg no 2 (8wks) and have a 12month old. I am SHATTERED. Far far worse than no 1. DD is going to start nursery one day a week this month & I'm getting a cleaner. Lazy? Maybe. Pragmatic? Definitely. These kids & DH need a rested, happy mummy/wife - not the haggard emotional sobbing wreck i am at the mo. I don't even want chocolate I feel so pants sad

We shall bloom again.


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