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Anyone recommend a good pregnancy exercise book?

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echops Tue 08-Sep-09 17:55:28

Now that I feel slightly better having spent the last 3 months either asleep or throwing up, I think it's perhaps time I did some form of exercise. I'd be most grateful if anyone could recommend a good pregnancy exercise book.

cassell Tue 08-Sep-09 18:05:47

I found pilates really helpful, particularly in the later stages when I was having a lot of back/hip/leg pain - all the pelvic floor work is supposed to help too! I went to antenatal pilates classes but also had this book.

Good luck!

echops Tue 08-Sep-09 20:01:22

Thanks cassell - I've just ordered the book from Amazon so fingers crossed my aches and pains will disappear too!

superbean Thu 10-Sep-09 18:07:51

I bought one from Amazon called (I think) Fitness in Pregnancy by Cherry Baker. It's good as it goes through all the exercises/classes (step, body pump etc) and tells you how you can adapt the exercises as you get bigger. There is a section on beginners too, which might be good if you are not a regular exerciser.

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