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What do braxton hicks feel like?

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beanstalk Tue 08-Sep-09 14:38:08

I'm 36 + 3 into my 2nd pregnancy but didn't have any braxton hicks with my first. I keep getting a weird sensation, like a cross between a very mild period pain and needing to do a poo ( sorry if tmi!) which lasts about a minute and then goes. It feels more like a pressure than a tightening iyswim. I'm trying to decide if these are braxton hicks or just the baby's head moving about? I seem to notice it more when I'm sitting or lying still. Sorry for a stupid question but just curious as to what I'm feeling!!

scroobiuspirate Tue 08-Sep-09 14:43:35

mine felt like someone squeezing the breath out of me, rock hard abdomen. It's a weird feeling.

very different from early labour i'd say.

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