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Feeling the LO move - probably done all the time, sorry!

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flyingcloud Tue 08-Sep-09 14:20:41

First timer - excuse the ignorance.

I am now 18+4 and have felt the odd 'pop' that could just be trapped wind for a couple of weeks. It's usually just below my belly button and sometimes slightly off the side. I only feel it when I am quiet, doing nothing like last thing at night and first thing in the morning while I'm still lying in bed. Two nights ago I thought I felt something both inside and outside (with my hand on tum) just above my ladygarden (is that too low and is that just inconceivable that I could actually feel it).

When does it kick off (excuse the pun) in earnest? When will DH be able to feel it himself (in your experiences?) I half think that I'm so desperate to feel it that I'm imagining it.

When do the hiccups get going as well?

Thank you!

VanillaIce Tue 08-Sep-09 14:31:28

Hi flyingcloud, I felt mine kick for the first time this weekend so I share your excitement! I am 18+2 today. Since last Friday I have felt kicks - or rather flicks I suppose - in various different spots. I had some very low down like you so I guess that's normal. Nothing yet today but it seems to happen more when I'm sitting/lying very still. Maybe it's just that when you're still you're less distracted and pick up on the sensations quicker.

I'm also keen for my DH to feel it - I've been told that will take a few more weeks so it's just our secret for you - enjoy it!

ErikaMaye Tue 08-Sep-09 14:38:19

I felt mine kick for the first time when I was 15+5 Now am 30+1 and he doesn't stay still at all!!! Enjoy the fact that your belly hasn't started moving of its own accord just yet grin

I think DP felt it between eighteen and nineteen weeks, though I can't exactly remember. Know it was definately before the 21 week scan, though. Now he gets punched in the head quite frequently.

If you want to feel them move around more drink something really cold, they shimmey away from it as quick as possible wink

Think its normally suggested that you can feel it from 16-20 weeks for the first time. And it can be pretty low down, too. Or right out on the side if your LO is as awkward as mine grin

flyingcloud Thu 10-Sep-09 08:22:13

Thanks - I can feel him moving a bit more now and with my hand on my tummy too (although not very often). It's so exciting!

hey flying!

I felt my little boy move 16+3, then 17+3 and now its every day im 20+3 (even with his own routine!). DH has not felt any movements yet. Sounds like what your feeling is your baby!

By the way it does get better and now feels like a baby moving rather than bubbles or anything. If its not something you felt pre pregnancy its baby making themselves known to you grin

Thandeka Thu 10-Sep-09 08:53:25

Waves at flyingcloud!
I felt flutters from about 14 weeks which were definite wriggles by about 16 weeks. Which is pretty early but I am very aware of my body and felt implantation etc and also I figure since my body was recently pregnant before (as you know had MMC at 10 weeks just before getting pregnant with this one) then everything is stretched a bit anyway so maybe wriggles are more obvious. Now I am 19 weeks and they are kicks that I can feel with my hand but DH can't yet. I guess its because I can feel them inside and outside whereas he can only feel the outside. I can also sometimes see my belly move with the kick but DH says he can't but again I suppose that is angle- I am looking down on my belly from above and he is looking at the side and I am looking right where the kick was whereas he has to look at my huge expanse of belly and may miss it (and to be honest he doesn't want to spend half an hour looking at my tum in case it moves! haha) so i am looking forward to when DH gets to experience it too. It was making me giggle so much last night and one wriggle really creeped me out it was such a strange sensation!

flyingcloud Thu 10-Sep-09 09:30:19

Hey Thandeka! So glad to hear everything is going well. I am LOVING this bit of pregnancy. I'm not quite glowing, but it's so much better than the beginning. Feeling movements are just giving me so much pleasure.

Thanks iateallthecreameggsyummy - I am getting more and more aware of it. Felt a couple of flutters this morning. He's usually busier in the morning.

BTW no idea if it's a boy or a girl, but I'm convinced it's a boy and DH is convinced it's a girl (although neither of us have a 'preference'). We're not going to find out as we really want to keep it a surprise. If it's a girl, I hope I won't give her a complex by calling her a little boy all through the rest of my pregnancy!

DH is slightly freaked out by the idea of something growing in my tummy (although he does admit that now gets why men find their wives so beautiful in but for me I am counting down the days until I meet this little person and I hope it's having a nice warm, comfy time in there until it's ready to come out.

fiziwizzle Thu 10-Sep-09 13:18:28

flyingcloud I'm just a few days behind you and I've been feeling the 'pops' for about a fortnight, in the same place too, below my belly button and off to one side or the other. Mine haven't progressed beyond pops though. Also they are not really every day yet so it's a lovely surprise when I do feel one

I'm sure I can feel it with my hands too - only when I'm lying very still doing nothing - I've been wondering if it's my imagination but if others can, perhaps it isn't. Can't wait for DP to be able to feel the kicks too.

Also loving this part of pregnancy - people keep telling me how well I look and I just feel very happy, sort of on a hormonal high I suppose. I don't give a monkeys about work and spend all my spare time reading baby books.

Isn't it exciting?!

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