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37 + 2 Braxton Hicks every few mins

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mummy2t Mon 07-Sep-09 20:17:49

Hi all, i am 37 + 2 with 3rd dc. Getting quite strong BH's every 2 - 5 mins or so lasting about 50 ish seconds. With other Dc's my waters went and then contractions started afew hours later. They were born at 36 and 37 weeks. The BH's arent painful but very uncomfortable. and as i remember this doesnt feel like it did with dc2 but then saying that contractions with dc2 felt diff to contractions with dc1. with dc1 lost plug at 5cm and with dc2 i never saw it! Never felt the BH's with other Dc's. do u think waters will go 1st again followed by contractions or should i keep an eye on these BHs? last dc was born very quick and i didnt have alot of proper contractions.

nellie12 Mon 07-Sep-09 20:19:53

keep an eye on the bh. waters can go at any time. good luck.

ZippysMum Mon 07-Sep-09 20:20:17

Sounds like you know the answer already! I would give your MW a call.

Good luck!

mummy2t Mon 07-Sep-09 20:27:03

i dont know, it doesnt feel like labour but saying that the other 2 felt different. been having BH's since about 28 weeks and they are progressively getting stronger. oh i dont know. just wish waters would go and then i would have my answer.

winnybella Mon 07-Sep-09 20:27:25

I think it's hard to tell whether it's your body just preparing for labour or is it a real thing. I had BH for the whole second part of my pregnancy, so when I started getting regular, a bit more painful contractions every 10 minutes, I knew the difference.
I would just watch it,especially that you gave birth to your dds at around this time.You can't really predict whether waters will go first etc. Good luck and keep us updated!

mummy2t Mon 07-Sep-09 20:32:17

thank u, i will do. had 8 BH's in last 35 mins.

eightisseventoomany Tue 08-Sep-09 11:10:12

Hiya mummy2T

Did you go into labour???
or did the BH tail off ???

mummy2t Tue 08-Sep-09 11:17:59

they tailed off after about an hour of relaxing in bed! fed up now!! think i am off to get some clary sage etc etc this afternoon, all i need now is to work out what to do with it all

eightisseventoomany Tue 08-Sep-09 13:46:31

If its any consolation......Im in exactly the same boat as you xxxxxx

Bh's can cause misery....esp when told that 4 in an hour is the magic number....and means labour is imminent....(regardless of pain or not)

I had BH's coming painlessley on boxing day 2005.....every 15 mins....
got closer & closer...
all my family insisted I get to hosp....
On the waters went & son born 2 hours later !!!

However this time round....they are doing same again....& I keep going hosp...only for them to tail off early hours..(night time def. seems to bring the contractions on !!!)

Ive given up on going to hosp now !!!

but I can understand how your feeling.....
and every pg seems to be different signals.

Someone suggested it could be irritable uterus...after having babies BHs come far more frequent to us..??

Also.....drinking even more water (I drink 4-5 pints a day already!!) but will try & drink even it could help......certainly cant do any harm !!!

xxxxxxxx hope your OK though....if you need a chat....Im right here with you
(unless these babies get a shift on....hehehehe)

mummy2t Tue 08-Sep-09 19:25:02

ahh thanks mumslady! i thought about drinking more but i already glued to the toilet most of the night! with other two dcs i never felt the Bh's, my tummy went hard and tight but i didnt really feel it like i do now and i agree it seems to be night time that the BH's start. with DS1 (36 weeks )waters went early morning and contractions started at midday ish and then bubba was born 4 hours later. with ds2 ( 37 weeks ) waters went early morning again and 1st contraction was and 7.30 pm ande was born 1 1/2 hours later. very quick. hoping this time round is similar.
started taking ras leaf caps today, bi late i know and i also have a bath with clary sage in, god that stinks, think its designed to smell so bad that u actually puke up the baby.
how have all your labours started?? any thing else happening with u? would be nice for us all to pop 2moro 9/9/09

eightisseventoomany Wed 09-Sep-09 15:27:26

BTW mummy2T
see my other thread i just posted ...

"im in tears now"
which doesnt sound to good I know....but advice on there could be helpful ???

re: braxton hicks......

hope your OK ?? xx

eightisseventoomany Wed 09-Sep-09 15:28:21

forgot to say...its on childbirth topic....not pregnancy....

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