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Anyone else had local anesthetic while pregnant?

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ohnelly Mon 07-Sep-09 17:01:14

Hi all. Just got back from hospital with a broken ankle. Slipped on a doormat and went flying! It was broken in 3 places (both sides) and dislocated. I had to be put to sleep for them to put in back into place, and the next day operated on to put pins, plate & screws in it. They said there was a risk of miscarriage with the anesthetic (Im 10 wks pregnant with number 2)but so far so good. Has anyone else had operation while pregnant & can put my mind at rest please? Ive got my first scan on the 16th sep

bevlin Tue 08-Sep-09 13:29:43

I had a local not a general and they just used one without adrenalin in it.
A collegues wife had an ovarian cyst removed, put to sleep etc, when PG with her DS and she and he were fine.
What a shame, that sounds soooooo bloody painful. Im sure things like this happen a lot but with everything they HAVE to tell you there are risks to cover themselves. x

hawesmead5 Tue 08-Sep-09 14:17:12

Hi there
I had a cyst in pregnancy and had it drain 5 times (from 6 - 17 weeks), each time I had quite a lot of general anesthetic (probably 3 injections) baby was fine born healthy and is now 2 1/2

Rindercella Tue 08-Sep-09 14:20:49

Ohnelly...oh, you poor thing. That sounds horrendous.

I had local anesthetic for an oral biopsy, but that was before I knew I was pg (think I would've been 4 - 5 weeks). I am now nearly 12 weeks, and touch wood, all seems ok.

Good luck with the pregnancy and hope your ankle heals well smile

ohnelly Wed 09-Sep-09 10:07:16

thanks for comments everyone. Ill keep you posted after had my scan next week [fingers crossed]

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