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Painful sensation in rib area

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LondonNinja Mon 07-Sep-09 16:35:00

Hello all! I'm new here and wondered whether you could help.

I'm 34+4 and have noticed of late that I am getting sharp pains on one side of my ribs (on my left). It's not constant, but it comes and goes ? especially when I am in bed lying on my left, as we're supposed to do! It's also happening now, as I sit at the computer.

I'm guessing that this is the baby's foot pressing into my rib? Is there anything I can do? It wakes me up as it's so painful and I then turn over and on to my right hip, which in turn hurts like heck due to the pressure on it! Is this just to be expected now?


reikizen Mon 07-Sep-09 16:40:23

Sounds like your passenger either kicking you or pressing on a nerve in that area. I'm sure they will reposition themselves soon but there really is limited space in there now so it's par for the course. (btw, you don't have to lie on your left! Maternal blood flow to the placenta is optimised in that position but some babies object, depending on their position. Perhaps baby is telling you to shift!)Lots of pillows. positioned in whatever way supports you. At the end of preg with dd2 I had to sleep in an upright position due to various aches and pains!

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Mon 07-Sep-09 16:50:23

Yeah it could be the baby pushing your ribs with its feet, especially if he's head down. Sometimes if you have your hand on your ribs you can feel them being pushed outwards. Not fun! Tbh I just used to push back on them! lol

If you're uncomfortable in bed, do move, don't feel pressured to stay on your left side. Yes it's the ideal position, but it's more important that you and baby are comfortable and that you get some sleep!

LondonNinja Mon 07-Sep-09 16:53:30

Thanks reikizen and JamesAndTheGiantBanana! Baby was breech till a week or so ago, so I guess this explains what's happened.

I feel so tender and sore in the spot that she likes to use as her footrest but it is reassuring to know that I won't cause any damage by not resting on my left.

funtimewincies Mon 07-Sep-09 20:36:55

I had this with my ds, he had his feet wedged in my left rib from about 26 weeks. Occasionally I had to apply pressure and push his feet down so that I could get some relief.

This one is still breech (but I'm only 29 weeks), so I'm beginning to miss the squashed ribs in a funny sort of way. Good news that yours has turned.

LondonNinja Tue 08-Sep-09 10:13:21

Funtimewincies, she has moved down slightly - I think perhaps she's preparing to engage!! Eek.

Hope your baby turns - you have a fair bit of time yet

funtimewincies Tue 08-Sep-09 19:28:59

Pleased to hear that he/she might be thinking of docking for take-off and that things have eased a bit.

Did you do anything to get yours to turn. I'm doing the hands and knees thing but it's very uncomfortable so I can't keep it up for long.

LondonNinja Wed 09-Sep-09 15:33:30

She's doing so in her own time – i.e. I still get the pain but it's a tiny bit less severe.

I've been on my hands and knees, too, but can't do it for too long. I've also been sitting on a ball thingy but, again, I can't do that for too long.

I was sleeping on my left side before she turned, so that may have helped...

funtimewincies Wed 09-Sep-09 19:24:38

Thanks, I've had a bit more movement further up the bump today, so hope that it's getting the message grin.

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