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32 weeks, sleep

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Comma2 Mon 07-Sep-09 00:35:49

Ok, I slept crappy with huge melonbelly pulling all over the place, and pillows between knees etc not helping at all, until my also pregnant friend put me on to one of those yellow waffle things you put on top of the mattress (under the sheet). Looks like yellow foam egg carton or similar, and is usually quite cheap. She folds hers twice, I fold mine once so I am buffered and still have enough area to roll around. Cradles your belly, so it doesn't pull on your back and hips. (also protects mattress in case water breaks, which is nice).

The other two things that really help me are a)kick dh out of bed so have enough space and do not need to worry about waking hard-working bread earner when ungracefully trying to move, and b)those nights where I'm just in miserable pain for something or other, take a tylenol. I do that very rarely, but when I do, I sleep.

Just wanted to share. Hope it helps somebody.

MamaTups Mon 07-Sep-09 20:27:30

thanks for posting, am also 32 weeks and have just gotten 'up' as lolling about in the bed for the past two hours(also with restless legs) is getting really boring. does tylenol have a sleep aid in it?

Comma2 Tue 08-Sep-09 21:14:09

No, I took the regular strength, nothing added. I don't know why it makes you drowsy, but espcy in combo with a bath and a cup of tea, it will.

I have really bad RLS since I was a kid, the only thing that helps me is to go to bed right away when it starts and fall asleep before it gets too bad.

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