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Ultrasounds at 8 weeks taken 4 days apart are measuring the same, should I be worried or

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Monroe Sun 06-Sep-09 18:22:11

Has anyone had any experience of this? I am currently approx 9 weeks pregnant following 2 missed miscarriages. I have been sick with worry since finding out and convinced the same thing could happen again. We paid for a private scan when we estimated I would be 7 + 5 days according to my LMP. We were thrilled to see a little heartbeat and the sonogropher measured the fetus at 17mm and said that the gestational age was 8 + 2 days. 4 days later I had some slight bleeding so went straight to the hospital where I was given another scan. We were told the measurements were the same, 17mm and 8 + 2 days. Is it possible that this could be down to human error or does it mean the fetus has stopped growing and I may miscarry again? Has anyone been through anything similar? I would love to hear anybody's thoughts as I am feeling very vulneralbe and worried at this time

dal21 Sun 06-Sep-09 19:39:42

Hi - firstly congrats on your pregnancy!

Secondly, from what I have been told when I go for scans is that the earlier viability scans can be misleading when it comes to dating the baby. Different sonographers can pick up slightly different I really wouldnt worry.

When I went to my viability scan, I was put 5 days back from where I thought I was. When I went back at 12 weeks, I was put forward again by 5 days! 12 week scans are far more accurate...the purpose of the viability scan from when I have been is to try to find a heartbeat, ascertain that it sounds strong and healthy and that all is well with the surrounding tissues.

Try to relax and congrats once again!

rainbowdays Sun 06-Sep-09 19:46:10

Early scans are notoriously bad at measurements. If the heartbeat is strong this is a good sign at this stage. Measurements can be easily out by +or- 3 days at this stage, if not more, that is a 6 day error margin ..... so definitely nothing to worry about at this stage. But I can understand having recurrent missed miscarriages before you are naturally going to be worried. Hopefully they will rescan you in a couple of weeks to reassure you. Hope it all goes well.

Thandeka Sun 06-Sep-09 20:39:27

A HB at 8 weeks pregnant means your chance of MC is now less than 2% which is much better than 22% at 6weeks scan with HB. So odds are very much in your favour. scroll down to section on scans.

Monroe Sun 06-Sep-09 21:25:28

Thank you very much for your responses. They do reassure me especially the information on the miscarriage association website, but with my history I probably won't start relaxing until the contractions start! I have another scan booked for Wednesday when I should be just over 9 weeks so fingers crossed we get some reassuring news then

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