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Advice please, very stressful at work and 17 wks

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sillysow Sun 06-Sep-09 17:31:53

Hi guys, just wondered if any of you could give me some guidance?

Work is incredibly stressful at the moment due to a number of changes that have been made to my role at the moment, along with a serious lack of managment back up or advice.

Admittedly it is all a bit fishy as it is since I have "broken the news"

What would people advise to do? I am tempted to speak to my GP. Am I right or wrong to be concerned about this? I dont want to do the bump any harm.

Sorry for waffing - thanks

Toppy Sun 06-Sep-09 18:10:39

Had exactly the same thing around the same stage. I told HR I was pregnant then two days later my boss came in off her holiday to give me a written warning over something totally ridiculous (not even preceded with a verbal). Fishier than Billingsgate !

I had a melt down - I was seriously upset about it which was heightened with all the hormones. I felt flooded with adrenalin and my heart was pounding for a good four week period so I went to see the GP. He told me that as hard as it is to get pg it is very difficult to actually do anything that might end the pregnancy. He reminded me about women in war and famine zones - they go on to have their babies despite their horrific circumstances so please don't worry.

HOWEVER - I would go to the GP for a chat. If things were to deteriorate you would have something on record officially that demonstrated that you were under enough stress to consult your doctor. I absolutely do not condone any kind of playing the system or being pre-emptive about this sort of thing but had my situation got any worse I might have taken it further and certainly the visit to the GP would have added some gravitas I am sure.

Toppy Sun 06-Sep-09 18:15:26

PS congrats on your pregnancy. You'll be out of there before you know it even though it does not feel like it now and it is a bloody MARVELLOUS feeling. Once you have your little baby you won't give a hoot about stupid work and if you go back that is all it will be - just work. Not the most important thing in your life. I am making the assumption here that this is your first and if so all your priorities/stress triggers are going to change. Just keep counting the days down wink

sillysow Sun 06-Sep-09 20:02:12

Thank you Toppy, yes that is exactly the situation I am in !
Always worked my backside off and a fab PDR only the month before, anyhow I am digressing hmm thanks very much for your kind words, I think as you say I will have a chat with my GP - as you say it is an idea to have it on record.

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