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NESTING - obsessing about cleaning....

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Neon Sun 06-Sep-09 11:53:34

Oh my. I'm 35 weeks and feeling utterley disorganised. I don't finish work for another 2 weeks. My house is a very small cottage. I've just washed up and started to obsess again about my slackness sad.

I'm a bit of a clutter monkey and have bits here and there in organised piles ready for action, books and stuff that I just can't seem to give to the charity shop/want to put on Ebay.
I would love to be a minimalist but I just am not... I don't have anywhere to dry my washing (garden etc) so use my second bedroom which is more like a walk in wardrobe. Second bedroom is meant to be nursery but we bought a HUGE wardrobe about 4 months ago which is in that room and we are unable to move it so it takes up a ridiculous amount of space. All of my baby clothes nappies are hidden away in there (sure you could find Narnia at the back somewhere as it is SO HUGE hmm).

Problem is that I am depressed about house and rooms and being ready when bubs arrives.
My g/f has just had her new baby in her new house and everything is so clean and perfect and three beds and I am just sat looking at piles and piles of mess and no room... Plus I have no energy when I start attempting to sort. Hospital bag and baby bag half packed where I was all enthusiastic a while back but I don't know what to do... It makes me worry that I'm going to be a crap mum! Obviously moving is not an option at this stage!

Will the nesting urge just kick in and will I logically work out where everything needs to go? If nesting kicked in for you - when did it?

chubbychipmonk Sun 06-Sep-09 13:16:01

. . Breathe!!!!!! . . .Relax!!!!!!! Can feel the stress vibes from just reading that!! Im the total opposite and believe me the grass isnt always greener! Im very like your friend and everything in my house is clean and perfect . .however . . to the point that I annoy myself because I cant relax, sit down, chill out etc until ive done all my house work, everyting is neat, tidy, symetrical and in its place (not quiter as bad as OCD but not far off it!!). Im only 25 weeks and havent started nesting yet so God only knows what i'll be like then . .typical example I came home from work yesterday at 4.30pm and by 5.30pm had scrubbed kitchen downstairs, put washing on, put washing away, hoovered and was mid scrubbing out the bath when DP strolls in calm as you like, offers to help and when I tell him its nearly done sits in front of the telly while im breaking a sweat over an already clean bath!!
Bottom line is that everyone is different and you shouldnt compare your house to others, your friend , like me, probably wishes she was able to just chill out more and stop streesing when her house was less than perfect. Im sure that by the time the baby comes you'll have got ready what you need to get ready. You dont need to overhaul your whole,house, just set yourself a little task to do each day, or the night before write yourself a little list of what you want to do the next day . . not huge things tho like redecorating the living room!! That way you wont feel overwhelmed by the enormity of it all if its broken down into little tasks. If you do a tiny bit, little and often you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll see a change. And im sure that when the baby comes home your not gonna care what your house looks like anyway . . .as my DP likes to remind me on a daily basis as Im obsessing over how neat my wardrobe is! Good luck!

dal21 Sun 06-Sep-09 13:20:09

Two things required. Boxes and local storage company. Get stuff boxed up and out the house - then when things have settled, start sorting it. Thats what I would do if it was stressing me out that much. But I would try and relax. Babies need cuddles, milk, and warmth. They dont care about clutter.

I would get your bags packed though and the essentials dug out and easy to find. DS arrived at 37 weeks!

Neon Sun 06-Sep-09 18:53:15

chubbychipmonk - thank you very much for your gentle reply!
dal21 I think that's my worry! Time is running out..!

dal21 Sun 06-Sep-09 19:21:53

Neon - honestly relax. It wont take long to get the bags sorted, not at all!
Do you know what you need to pack? There have been lots of great threads on hospital bags on here. Let me know if you want me to dig one out.

Neon Sun 06-Sep-09 19:26:13

dal21 - I do thanks and pretty much have everything to go in there scattered here and there blush. I've just woken up from a 3 hour sleep so wasted the day. I might try and finish bags tonight.. Thanks very much!

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