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Athlete's foot treatments in pregnancy

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corblimeymadam Sun 06-Sep-09 08:14:37

Message withdrawn

Habbibu Sun 06-Sep-09 08:15:42

oh, no help, but marking my place as I'm in the same boat. Apart from trying to be an athlete.

corblimeymadam Sun 06-Sep-09 08:57:05

Message withdrawn

JaneyTroll Sun 06-Sep-09 15:39:50

I got this (athelete - me? hah!), and my midwife said the 1% Canestan (or unbranded equivalent) was fine. So I got a tube of that over the counter at the local pharmacy. But as with all things, I guess I would check with your health provider. I used it sparingly (twice a day, but stopped as soon as I possibly could). Naturally the bloody itchy toes came back, so I had to use it again... Anyway, little fella is due mid October and seems to have come to no harm according to all the usual scans/tests and whatnot.

skihorse Sun 06-Sep-09 16:09:55

Canestan or tea-tree oil is just an anti-fungal if applied to the skin (not ingested). It's not going to do any damage.

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