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Got scan on Monday and I'm scared

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sushistar Sun 06-Sep-09 00:46:29

It's 2nd DC, 2nd scan, no reason to be scared. DS1 is health and happy, and 1st scan with DC2 was all ok. BUt for some reason I feel very unsettled, very frightened that something bad will be found, that my baby won't be ok.

Never felt this way before a scan before. Can't sleep because I feel so anxious about it.

sushistar Sun 06-Sep-09 01:33:24

little bump?
I'm killing time on other pointless threads because I don't want to go to bed lying awake thinking about the scan.

lowrib Sun 06-Sep-09 01:47:26

Hiya sushistar I'm sure it's all OK. It's quite an amazing thing you are doing - you are creating another human! Which is a big deal when you think about it. It's natural to be scared sometimes. But unless you have any reason to think there is something wrong, the overwhelming odds are everything is fine. xxx

sushistar Sun 06-Sep-09 01:52:22

Thanks lowrib.

I know it's irrational, but my mind won't stop thinking about all the 'what ifs...'

And I'm a bit disconcerted I feel like this when I didn't feel this way before about scans. It makes me think I've subconciously noticed something wrong and my minds trying to tell me to be worried about the baby!

maxbear Sun 06-Sep-09 03:40:25

I have just had my 20 week scan and felt concerned about it too, for some reason felt surprised that all was well. To be fair the 20 week scan is there to find out if there is anything wrong with the baby, so it is sensible to consider the thought before hand, however it is far more likely to all be well than not so try not to worry. Not too long to wait now, hope all goes well.

lowrib Tue 08-Sep-09 01:06:44

Hiya sushistar how's it going? Did your scan go OK?

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