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Am I in labour or is it just a 'run' of BH? Help!

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ZippysMum Sat 05-Sep-09 20:09:04

Hi ladies,

I am in need of some speedy advice. I am 35weeks 4 days with twins.

Yesterday, I had a 'run' of Braxton Hicks - for about 2 hours I had a couple an hour - no big deal, but more than I have had before. Not painful, just a bit uncomfy (bowling ball in stomach sort of uncomfy).

Nothing overnight, nothing today, till this evening - had 6 in the past hour (every 10 minutes but last 2 only 7 minutes apart. Again, not painful, just uncomfy (and the babies don't like them!)

My question is - how do I know if I am starting to go into labour? Is it just the pain level that is different? Is it normal to have these 'runs' of Braxton Hicks??

Help me, Oh Wise Ones smile

ZippysMum Sat 05-Sep-09 20:14:47

Shameless bump.


ReneRusso Sat 05-Sep-09 20:19:17

It could be early labour. But it might be nothing. If they get to 5 minutes apart and start getting painful, then I would say that is labour. If you are still pottering about the house and can get to sleep tonight, then it isn't. I have no experience of twins though. Do you have a number to call the midwife? You could just ring and say whats going on.

ZippysMum Sat 05-Sep-09 20:38:59

Still pottering about fine, not painful.

I am paranoid because we are over an hour away from the hospital.

If they start to get painful or stop me from sleeping, I will call the midwife.

Thanks Rene.

dizzymare Sat 05-Sep-09 20:41:39

Zippy, I'm no help at all, but call straight away if they get too much ok x

ZippysMum Sat 05-Sep-09 20:48:40

Hi Dizzy,

Yup, will call if they get painful. The babies are doing their nuts - I don't think they like being squashed!

Will keep you posted smile

memoo Sat 05-Sep-09 20:51:58

I think that if you feel your babies are really unhappy then I would contact your midwife for some advice.

didsnbump Sat 05-Sep-09 21:02:47

Hi Zippysmum,

Twins normally come earlier dont they??

My labour started with BH style cramps that started late at night.I managed to sleep for a couple of hours so when i woke thought it must have been BH but then realised they where still there. I called the midwife in the morning who came to check me and i was 3cm already. Mine werent painfull at all or really uncomfortable until about 12 hours into it.

So dont discount it, just see how it goes for the next couple of hours. Try and sleep, if it is labour, u will either not be able to or u will only get a little, but try coz u will need the energy. Dont be in a hurry to get to hospital unless u have to, i had to and it really slowed things down for me.

Good luck xx

Meeely3 Sat 05-Sep-09 21:07:31

personally I would contact her anyway, regardless - she's heard it all before you won't be the first or last to wonder about real or false labour.

I had a 'run' of BH one day at work (I was 28w with twins) - very uncomfy, but lasted out til hometime - got home, couldn't get comfy, so had a bath....had the mother of all bowel movements and still couldn't get comfy....not painful though just a feeling of needing a poo and wanting to stop it if you understand? also the pain/ache was in the tops of my legs.

Anyway after talking to my 'slightly hysterical, trying to sound calm' mother I rang the emergency midwife about 9pm and went into hosp just to check things out. Cut a long story short I had the twins the following night just after 10! That was almost 5 years ago now and they have just started school!

Bascially listen to your body, its gonna be pretty crowded in there right now and it could be twin 1 (the one nearest the exit) is getting a bit squashed and pushing on your cervix getting things better to be safe than sorry - also if you are an hour away, i would rather be in hosp bored and NOT in labour than at home IN labour and panicking! (once labour was established i.e. contractions were painful, it was 40 mins from start to finish - not long enough to get into hosp!)

lilysam Sat 05-Sep-09 21:08:37

I had 'non-painful' contractions with DS. I thought i just had niggly pains as i was only 36 weeks. A mw friend persuaded me to contact the hospital. Although i was only feeling them every 15mins they were showing on the monitor every 5 mins and I was dilating. My planned section for 2 weeks later was quickly brought forward!!

I'd phone the hospital - especially if you're an hour away if your not happy.

ZippysMum Sat 05-Sep-09 21:10:16

Thanks Dids,

Yes, 35-36 weeks is average for twins. I hope to keep them baking for a bit longer, though!

It's useful to know that not everyone has a lot of pain at first. They want to do a c-section because Twin 2 is breech, but they won't do it if I am more than 6cm dilated - that's why I am a bit paranoid about not 'missing' the start of labour. blush

Having said that, I don't want to go in with a false alarm! I will def call the midwife if they get more often - they are down to 1 every 20 minutes now so maybe they will go away like they did yesterday.

ZippysMum Sat 05-Sep-09 21:11:24

Sorry, x-posted. Will have a read and be back!

didsnbump Sat 05-Sep-09 21:12:28

I had a lot of BH in the run up to the night it started, have u had a show of any kind yet??

lilysam Sat 05-Sep-09 21:12:33

Definitly call them if you're having a section - thats the reason they took me seriously and checked me out!!

lilysam Sat 05-Sep-09 21:14:34

The worst that can happen is you'll spend a boring saturday night in hospital and then they'll send you home if everything is ok

ZippysMum Sat 05-Sep-09 21:15:12

OK, thanks Meely and lilysam. I am going to keep a very close eye and call the midwife if they start getting closer together again. I think I will also have a bath and see if that stops them.

That's interesting that you can have contractions and not feel them! shock. I didn't know that could happen!

Meeely3 Sat 05-Sep-09 21:15:24

Zippy, I think mine were about 20/30 mins apart all day til i had a show about 8pm the following evening. I think mentally i panicked that this was it and it all kicked off big style!

Oh and twin 2 was breach too, all done naturally, but he was so ickle it didn't really matter which wat round he was!

lilysam Sat 05-Sep-09 21:16:37

They said i must have a high pain threshold grin

Utter garbage as i'm a softie really!!

Good luck - hope all goes well x

ZippysMum Sat 05-Sep-09 21:18:26

First DC's so I am not really sure what a 'show' is like. I haven't had what they call a 'bloody show' for sure, but I did have a big snotty blob about 4 days ago (sorry, TMI). No idea if it was a show or just another of those delightful pregnancy experiences. blush

lilysam Sat 05-Sep-09 21:19:20

Hmmm - sounds like things could be starting to me

LargeGlassofRed Sat 05-Sep-09 21:20:38

Hiya, I had alot more bh with my twins, went in 3 times thinking this is it, I ended up being induced,at 38 weeks.
I think maybe the pressure as there are two causes more bh.
Good luck smile

Meeely3 Sat 05-Sep-09 21:22:23

doesn't have to be bloody to be a show i don't think - although mine was. Wear a pad for a bit in case you get another and you can show the MW (ew, but it helps them decide what stage you are at).

I think the key is, you feel odd, so just have someone check you over just to set your mind at rest because the mind has a funny way of making things worse than they need to be, I am quite sure if someone had reassured me i wasn't in labour and got me to relax the boys might not have been as early as they were.

didsnbump Sat 05-Sep-09 21:22:59

I had a few shows in the week leading up, not always bloody. But had a couple the night it started as not realising at the time but i was dilating.

If u called the midwife would u have to go into the hosp with it being night or would someone come to u just to check u over?

ZippysMum Sat 05-Sep-09 21:23:18

Hi large glass of red (could really do with one of those!)

Thanks, that is useful too - sounds like I will just have to wait a while and see!

ZippysMum Sat 05-Sep-09 21:26:53

x-posts again.

I am sure they would take me into hospital rather than send someone out. And it is such a long way away!

The contractions are definitely spacing out again so I think I will assume BH unless something suggests otherwise.We do have 24 hour midwives-over-the-phone here, so I can talk to a midwife in the middle of the night if I need to.

Thanks for all your advice.

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