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37 weeks pregnant with preeclampsia, hypertension, panic and anxiety attacks and now self harming help

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tranceSAM Sat 05-Sep-09 14:30:52

i am 37 weeks pregnant and at 31 weeks i was diagnosed with preeclampsia with only mild symptoms i.e high blood pressure so was put on methyldopa, the also diagnosed with hypertension at 33 weeks and low iron so on more tablets for that. Then got told i had severe hypertension and preeclampsia and was told to stay in hopsital at 36 weeks as i have been admitted 4 times already but later released, now at 37 weeks i have started having anxiety attacks, panic attacks and severe migranes that wont disappear no matter how much paracetamol and codeine they put down my throat as well as the other medication im on.

About 3 years ago when i self harmed but managed to get it under control and it never happened since until yesterday when i realised i was doing it again and feel depressed even though docs say that its not helped with the medication im on.

PennyScotia Sat 05-Sep-09 15:33:39

Hi tranceSAM. It sounds like you've really had a tough time of it. If you are finding it hard to manage, it might be worth getting in touch with your local Crisis Centre (if you have one in your area) or the psychiatric emergency team at your local hospital who might be able to give you some advice and support. The Samaritans helpline is staffed 24/7 and they can help you to talk through things too (08457 90 90 90).

There are also other ways that you can help you to soothe yourself when you feel like you need to self harm - there are some suggestions here.

I hope this is helpful - take care x

ellielou02 Sat 05-Sep-09 15:46:28

Hi trancesam hypertension is high blood pressure which is a symptom of pre eclampsia as I am sure you will be aware, are the headaches not connected with the high blood pressure? Plus the fact that you are aneamic with the low iron count can cause headaches and aneamia can also give you palpitations which wont help the panic attacks. I really feel for you this is alot to be dealing with do you know what your iron count is as they can give IV iron if your count is very low, you could try also eating lots of fruit and veg and dont drink tea coffee when you do as this impairs the absorbtion of the iron. I am sorry I dont know anything about self harming but hope you get the help and support you need and start to feel better soon.

bevlin Tue 08-Sep-09 13:46:02

tranceSAM Im not 100% sure but something here is ringing a bell with me. Im sure if pre-ecampsia gets worse it can cause mental health problems and the headaches are significant too. Get to triage at hospital now. Get checked out to make sure all the levels haven't gone up again. I think at 37 weeks with all of these probs they would deliver. I had pre-eclampsia and DS was delivered at 37 weeks. He was fine and I felt so much better immediately. Get to hospital now.

xfingerscrossedx Tue 08-Sep-09 20:49:13

Hi tranceSAM, sorry things are so difficult for you at the moment, I hope everything is sorted out for you soon. Have extensive experience of panic attacks - I find it helpful if I talk it out with someone I trust, usually my poor husband. I went to classes on managing anxiety and there are a whole load of questions you can use to ask youself, which I found really calmed me down as they helped me to get some perspective. I'm sure you could search for them on google... will try and find my stuff and see what it says.

You're not on your own... I agree with Penny. Make sure you can any support you can. Big hugs x

ErikaMaye Tue 08-Sep-09 20:53:44

For panic attacks, try carrying a paper bag with you - just knowing it was there calmed me down a lot. Also, if you feel your breathing start to go, if they sneak up on you like they sometimes do, trying singing or humming, as it helps to regulate your oxgyen VS carbon dioxide intake.

Self-harm - firstly give yourself a pat on the bag for resisting for such a long time. Have you tried elastic bands or ice cubes? Ice is more affective for me, as it stings more (sorry if that offends anyone, just being honest) if I'm in that state.

Sometimes writing it all down if you can't face saying it aloud is just as helpful.

Hugs to you. If I can help at all, please let me know. x

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