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39wks pregnant and have turned into horrible grumpy mother

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fleacircus Sat 05-Sep-09 10:49:15

Stopped work in July because of school holidays, DD is 20mths and we've been having a lovely time SAHMing but I'm so tired now and just huge and uncomfortable and can't chase around after her as much as I used to. She's being lovely but getting in and out of the house is a massive palaver (lots of stairs, inside and out, so I'm doing loads of trips up and down with her, pushchair, shopping etc and she just wants to mess about with the shoes and DP's bike and to try to climb the hideously steep front steps on her own), I've lost my patience completely three times this week and am feeling horrible and guilty and sorry for myself and mostly for her. DP is amazing at weekends (they are out now shopping and going off to the park after lunch so I can go back to bed) but by the end of the week I'm on my knees... don't know what I expect anybody to say, just feeling blue and needed to rant about it.

moondog Sat 05-Sep-09 11:06:05

Only now are you grumpy??

God, I was foul for most of my pregnancy and am probably still bloody awful.

Conserve yuor energy and stop worrying. You've every right and reason to be a crosspatch.

Deeeja Sat 05-Sep-09 13:58:58

I have been nasty grumpy lady since around 30 weeks.
Yesterday dh kept joking about how much I am eating now that baby has engaged, drove me mad!

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