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Please come and talk to me about breech babies and ECV!

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mrswee Fri 04-Sep-09 21:17:23

I went for a positioning scan today and as suspected my baby is breech at 36+4.

we spoke to the consultant after the scan, he gave the option of EVC, elective CS and a third option of vaginal breech delivery.

He suggested we go for an attempt at turning the baby (ECV) before deciding on a CS.

And also he said would be much happier to go with a vaginal breech delivery I that's what I wanted, if it was my second or third pregnancy not my first.

He explained the pro and cons as follows.
A CS is major surgery and does not come without risks to mother and baby but more so mother and can impact on further pregnancies.

EVC is of less risk than either CS or vaginal breech delivery. That it works around 50-60 % of the time and is worth a try as 'the pros out way the risks' ie if sucessful I could still have a natural delivery and avoid CS- the procedure itself has no real risk to the mother and a round about 1% chance 'the baby will not like it' (his words) and in that case I would be taken straight through for a CS anyway. He did not say what he meant by 'the baby will not like it'. But I have now read about placenta abrution and so on.
He didn't mention any risk of going into labour either.

Vaginal breech delivery is quite risky for a first birth mainly for baby and also for the mother. This is not an option I want to consider anyway to be honest.

Sorry this is going on a bit! Anyway he did seem like a very competent doctor and we decided to go with booking in for a EVC next week when I will be 37+3. But now I am home I have been worrying a little that we are doing the right thing with the risk factor.

Can any one who has had a ECV attempted on them, sucessful or not please let me know what the out come was and how they feel about it now?

puffinnuffin Thu 17-Sep-09 16:33:21

Hi there, this in my first post. I am 36+2 and my baby has been breech for quite a number of weeks.
I had an EVC 2 days ago and have to say it was awful- much more than "uncomfortable" and in my case very painful. I was quite shocked at how much pressure the consultant put on the baby.The baby would not turn.There was also a midwife & doctor present too and I was scanned while they did it.

Afterwards I did have lots of quite painful contractions, baby was a little distressed I and was strapped to a monitor for 6 hours (was in hospital for 8 hours in total- supposed to be 2/3. 2 days later I feel extremely bruised under my ribs and am now worrying. I have booked in for a C section (now worrying about that too!). I also tried acupuncture but that didn't work either!

This is just my experience though- so will be different for others and for some people it will work.

Pinkcaz Wed 23-Sep-09 20:24:57

Hi There

I went for a scan a couple of weeks ago as they thought I was carrying too much fluid - but actually that was fine... while they were checking though they saw my bump was breech also - but as was only 32 weeks at the time booked me in at 36 weeks to see if she has moved, which is in a fortnight.

Unfortunately I don't know from personal experience but I just asked everyone I know who had babies what they would do /if they knew anyone who had this and 90% came back and said given the options go straight for C-Section as the procedure is not nice at all (thats the cleaned down version lol)and only 1 person out of 4 that had had the EVC did it actually work...

I really hope it all goes ok for you - keep us informed and sorry I have been a complete lack of help!

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