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Calling all Eastenders!

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Jan9ne Fri 04-Sep-09 21:04:43

Hola! Anyone out there in their first trimester in the Redbridge, Newham, Waltham Forest,etc area?

I am expecting no.2, due early May.

Am interested in hearing from people in general and especially anyone who has had a homebirth.

EasyEggs Fri 04-Sep-09 21:36:30

Hello smile

Sorry I'm not really in your area but I have had 2 HB's.

Congrats on the pregnancy grin

Jan9ne Fri 04-Sep-09 21:42:07

Thank you!

You've had two so i'm guessing that at least the first one went well? (hopefully they both did!)

How was it? Did the MW arrive in time, etc, etc. I would love to hear your experience.

EasyEggs Fri 04-Sep-09 22:19:45

Now there's a question lol!

Well I had ds1 & 2 in hospital with no problems so thought I'd give HB a whirl.

Dd decided to be 8 days fashionably late, woke up at 1.20am needing the toilet, again, then having what I thought were BH. Couldn't sleep so went downstairs to sit on birth ball for a while to see what happened. Realised BH were infact probably real ones so woke dp up at about 2am. Rang hospital at 3am and told them I was contracting between every 3-8mins, not regular but explained that I don't have reg ones until I'm almost delivered! (as was the case with previous births)

She insisted I ring back when they were all coming at least every 5mins and reg hmm

I got in bath to ease back pain and promptly rang hos back at 3.20 as cx were much stronger but not reg still, mw said she would get in touch with on call MW to get her ready to come out.

By 3.50 Mw had rang and I practically screamed at her to get there NOW! She sounded slightly shocked and said she was on way.

Somepoint not long after 4am I told dp there was noway she was making it on time and told him to ring ambulance as I needed to push.

Should have seen the look on his face grin shock

He did that whilst I was involuntry pushing dd out, he managed to support her head which I then noticed still had membranes intact so dp broke those and she popped out with the gush of water!

5 minutes later there is me sitting in bath with dd, (who weighed 9lb 4oz!) ds1 and 2 wake up, door rings, ds2 answers it and in comes poor student mw lol who was supposed to have met with the senior mw at house, unfortunately mw 1 had broken down enroute. 2 mins later ambulance & 2 paramedics turn up followed closely by mw1.

Ahhhh happy days grin

2nd one I took no chances and after 30mins of "am I or aren't I?" I rang hos they sent MW's straight to mine and ds was born 2hours later. Was a bit of a pain to get out as he had his arm up over his head, ouch, and had a bit much bleeding after but all in all a straightforward birth.

I am very happy I got both experiences and wouldn't change them at all, but because I'm now on #5 and had the bleeding last time, I'm off to hospital with this one.

Hope I haven't scared you off the idea grin

Jan9ne Sat 05-Sep-09 12:37:24

Wow - quite a couple of stories! Also congrats on baby no 5! No, you haven't put me off at all. My first labour was v quick - that's on my notes - so hopefully mw will get her skates on when i call her! Live v nr (5 mins) from labour ward so could get to hosp v quickly if i needed to.
Thanks v much for all you info x

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