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After 2 children, gaps between 2 and 3 (3 and 4)?

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Gem13 Wed 01-Jun-05 18:39:17

I have 18 months between DS and DD and was pondering a third child (on exceptionally good days, even a fourth!).

When I saw one of the local GPs a while ago he told me his wife was expecting their third baby and said 'After our first we thought we knew what we doing and then had the second and realised what hard work it all is!'. I think he had 18 months between the first two and then a gap of 3 years between the second and third children.

So I was wondering what gaps mumsnetters have between their third (and fourth) children? Planned ones really. There's 9 and 11 years between me and my siblings (I'm the youngest) but I was 'an accident' so not really a good example.

Gobbledigook Wed 01-Jun-05 18:42:45

19 months between ds1 and ds2
21 months between ds2 and ds3

Hard work!!

Distel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:46:07

nearly 3 years between 1 & 2
2 years and 4 days between 2 & 3.

On good days it is lovely - they are 5, 3 and 1.

rodeo1 Wed 01-Jun-05 19:47:15

We have a gap of 2y 6m between dd and ds, thought we'd leave it a bit longer between ds and no 3 (ds is a little harder work!) so when no3 is born there will be a gap of 3y 6m.

Pollyanna Wed 01-Jun-05 19:53:37

21 months between numbers 1 and 2, 29 months btween nos 2 and 3, 22 months between numbers 3 and 4. they are 6, 4, 2, and 4 months. Hard, hard, hard.

Mog Wed 01-Jun-05 19:59:11

20 months between 1 and 2 and 19 months between 2 and 3. It's hard and pretty relentless at the moment but they do interact with each other beautifully. The first year is just going by in a whirl of activity.

Mog Wed 01-Jun-05 20:01:35

Respect Pollyanna. Please tell me you've had your head in your hands at times.

zubb Wed 01-Jun-05 20:04:51

22 months between ds1 and ds2, and there will be 22 months between ds2 and ds3.

AtHomeMum Wed 01-Jun-05 20:10:07

27 mnths between dd1 & dd2. 23mnths between dd2 & dd3.
I think the smaller the gap the better in the long run - they are such good friends now & like the same things (8,6,4). 2 yrs was as cloase as i felt me & my body could take. Hard in the first year of umber 3 though.

Pollyanna Wed 01-Jun-05 20:34:31

my head is in my hands most of the time. When I'm not screeching like a banshee that is...

Gem13 Wed 01-Jun-05 21:47:34

These are small gaps. I guess if I feel exhausted just reading about them I'm probably not ready to join in!

Pollyanna - is your mn name chosen because you have to think of something nice otherwise you will frazzle away?

3kids Thu 02-Jun-05 08:00:08

2yrs 2mths and 2 days between ds1 and ds2 and 3yrs 3mths between ds2 and dd1. we would relly like another one but it dosen't seem to be happening. ds1 is 11 ds2 9 and dd1 will be 6 in august so if we do have another there will be a big gap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnotherHelen Thu 02-Jun-05 08:56:41

2 years and 6 months between ds1 and ds2 and there will be 2 years and 6 months between ds2 and ds/dd3!! didnt plan it that way just decided to have another and thats how its worked out - im sure im certainly going to have my work cut out for me! xxx

Tessiebear Thu 02-Jun-05 09:13:52

2 yrs 8 months between DS1 & 2
I am 36 weeks pg and there will be a gap of 4.5 yrs between DS2 and DS3 (personally couldnt have handled a lesser age gap - DS1 & 2 are now very independent, out of nappies etc, dry and sleeping all night, etc etc)
I know that i will be able to enjoy DS3 more as the other two are that bit older.

MommyD Thu 02-Jun-05 09:23:02

15 months between ds1 and ds2
Baby due soon so there will be just under 23 months between ds2 and the new arrival.
Oldest will be 3 years and 3 months when the third arrives.
Really hard work - especially if it turns out to be all boys - fight, fight, fight, fight......

Rachey1969 Thu 02-Jun-05 10:45:59

Hi Gem13

DS1 11
DS2 9 (2 years, 3 months gap)
DD 7 (23 months gap)
Now 9 wks pregnant (will be a 7 yrs 9 months gap!)

I think the amount it gets harder is countered by the more experience you have! DD just fitted in with what we were doing - when she was born ds1 was nearly 4 (and in half day nursery) and ds2 was a handful at 23 months.

Bagpuss30 Thu 02-Jun-05 17:23:49

22 months between ds and dd and 2 yrs 10 months between dd and this next one (I am 36 weeks pg so will find out how hard it will be soon).

nutcracker Thu 02-Jun-05 17:26:35

2yrs 1mth and 1 day between dd1 and dd2

Just under 3 years between Dd2 and Ds

I personally wouldn't ever have a gap of less than 3 years again but that because I found it a nightmare.

Pamina3 Thu 02-Jun-05 17:37:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Janh Thu 02-Jun-05 17:53:34

3 years between DD1 and DD2.
3 years, 3 months between DD2 and DS1.
4 years, 9 months between DS1 and DS2.

(Can't manage more than one baby at a time - I know my limits!)

Janh Thu 02-Jun-05 17:53:57

suedonim has the best gaps - all hers are about 8 years apart!

suedonim Thu 02-Jun-05 18:44:08

Almost right, Janh! 4.5yrs then 8yrs and 9yrs. Currently, the 18yo and 9yo spend a lot of their time fighting!

Hermione1 Thu 02-Jun-05 19:08:26

I haven't got 4 kids only two and theres 15 months between mine, it was hard when they were little but now they are older 6, 5 it's quite nice because they are very close.

geogteach Thu 02-Jun-05 19:15:00

26 months between one and two and 16 months between 2 and 3. Its a cliche but its hard work but they are very close and play well together

missycantstop Mon 13-Jun-05 15:11:50

51 weeks to the day between toddlers 1 and 2 and 7 weeks until the next one is due. it is hard as my eldest being 2 and a half is disabled but you learn to deal with it. its nice seeing the 2 kids so close to each other aswell- even when they do fight.

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